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  • Is $5K what you’re expecting with the affiliate? My $5K Formula System Review will break down this product and give you the best recommendation.

Welcome to my $5K Formula System Review,

Chances are you are reading many mixed reviews about this product and still confused whether to take a chance with it. So in my review, I will discuss it with the good and bad things and you can understand it clearly.

And if you are interested in this product, it means you are looking for the methods to play with affiliate marketing and passive income, or “automated money machine”. Maybe you are drawn with “$5k” and wonder if this will be the scenario of yourself.

Let’s find out with me in this quick review!

$5K Formula System Review

Quick Overview Of $5K Formula System

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What is $5K Formula System about?

This is a product by the guy named Matthew Neer. $5K Formula System is a course in which he trains you with his experience and methods about affiliate marketing. The used platforms are familiar: JVZoo, ClickBank, and Warrior +.

Inside the course, he provides you the duplicated methods from himself and his entire sale funnel. Users have one and only mission which is to drive the traffic into the funnel to filter the buyers.

It sounds too good to be true. But is it really so easy and charming?

Take a look about the coach in my $5K Formula System Review now!

Coach in $5K Formula System

Matthew Neer

Matthew Neer is the vendor and also the coach in this course. I think we all have the same impression with his showing off about his luxurious life, travel, car or many events. This lifestyle can draw unreal illusion for beginners.

He does have experience in IM. However, he is known as the product creator (product like $5K Formula System) rather than an affiliate. Besides this course, he also launched others such as Wealth Ascension System and Speed Wealth.

In fact, this isn’t a new product but a re-boosted one and it’s advertised intensely this time so I will review it carefully for your benefits.

Next, in my $5K Formula System Review, we will list the main contents of this coaching and separate them into the strength and weakness column.

$5K Formula System

Main Content and Features of $5K Formula System

  • Focus on affiliate marketing
  • No require SEO and CPA
  • No need to buy domain and host
  • No need to create a blog or website
  • No requirement on Facebook or social media
  • Provide the funnel sales
  • Provide landing page, squeeze page and opt-in
  • Proven and tested methods
  • Step by step and detailed training even for the newbie

My Evaluation about $5K Formula System

The Strength Of $5K Formula System

  • Simple and Newbie Friendly Training

The training in $5K Formula System is really simple and easy for beginners to take in. Firstly about the style, though being a showoff with his lifestyle, Matthew makes it really clear in the training video. The way he talks, his voice and how he connects the part contribute to the charming style in coaching.

Secondly, the topics mentioned are decent and basic, which makes it understandable for trainees to grab what’s going on without pausing the videos.

  • Provide the complete sales system

Matthew says he gives you his funnel and you will be provided the entire system to leverage, and it’s all true. Once you buy this course, you have the full connection to his funnel to filter the traffic. You have the ready and DFY landing page, squeeze pages and so on. The system is all set and you just need to push the traffic in.

  • Start With Suitable Products

One point I like in this coaching is it doesn’t convince you to invest with big tickets or high-end products. Matthew just lets you enter the market with the products at your same level, the one you can absorb the cost.

The Weakness Of $5K Formula System

  • Build the illusion with a lavish lifestyle

You may be impressed with his life, cars, and other things but they can only come to you after hard work time. Don’t believe in such things called automated or quick ROI.

  • Build sales page on a not-yours system

$5K Formula System provides you everything but you have to realize you are surfing on other’s base. What if one day the host of $5K Formula System closes and you lose everything you’ve put in. Living on a borrowed server should be in a long term.

  • No clear training on sourcing products and suppliers

It’s totally not a complete coaching because he rarely mentions how you find and pick your products. If you intend to do affiliate, I assume you already know JVZoo, ClickBank and Warrior. Therefore, it’s dawned on me because you don’t receive what you really need.

Who Should Use $5K Formula System?

Reading my $5K Formula System Review until here, you must be so confused with this product. It’s also my feeling, as well. But I find out the way to leverage on its pros and eliminate the cons.

With a complete DFY sales system, I will recommend this system for the quick deals where you just set and take fast, or the hit-and-run bargains. You can take advantage of the funnel when you have your traffic and need to convert into buyers.

$5K Formula System

What Do You Need To Pay For $5K Formula System?

This product is tagged $40 and with my evaluation above, you may need to carefully consider. This price is still quite high for a normal product if you ask me. Honestly, I think there’s a little risk to deciding to invest in this product with your long-term campaign.

My Final Thought,

Thanks for clicking in this $5K Formula System Review. I hope I can help you understand the good and the bad of this product. I believe many people will have mixed feelings like me about this product. So, feel free to let me know your comment and we can find the best use with it!

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