Adsmartly Review – FaceBook Ads Challenge for Marketers

Hi there and welcome to my Adsmartly Review. As you know, in the past year, FaceBook increasingly tighten the advertising features on this social network. Not understanding the nature of FaceBook Ads, especially those who lack the most basic knowledge is the reason why many advertisers “burn money for Mark” useless.

FaceBook Ads is a powerful tool to help you reach potential customers. That means FaceBook Ads will convey your information to the user. Whether that information works or not, or whether you choose the right object to approach or not, it is up to you.

You need to find out everything is clear before running the ads, otherwise you will waste a lot of budget from failures. Think about this!

Many people do not use FaceBook ads because they have poor experience with ROI. Fortunately with AdSmartly FaceBook advertising is now for everyone. Because it solves two major customer problems:

# 1: Losing leads after they click on paid ads.

# 2: Your most engaged audience (all who like and comment on your ads) can not be tracked.

So, if you want to run your business better, save more and get better results. Check out my Adsmartly Review of this product.

Adsmartly Review

Adsmartly Review – Overview

  • Creator: Victory Akpos et al
  • Product: Adsmartly
  • Launch Date: 2018-Mar-24
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $29
  • Homepage:
  • Niche: Software
  • Skill: All level
  • Support: Friendly & Effective
  • Bonus: Yes, Adsmartly Bonus
  • Recommend: Highly recommend
  • Refund: 30-day money back guarantee

What is Adsmartly ?


Adsmartly is a software that helps you to score absolutely every campaign on your FaceBook. This is also the first platform that has turned FaceBook into a profitable leader system for those who are not good at running FaceBook ads.

With the adsmartly software, you can instantly create sales pages and sell affiliate products or custom products on FaceBook fanpage within 45 seconds with just one click.

This is probably one of the most sought after tools in the past few years, especially affiliate marketers wishing to own in their marketing repositories. It will help you stay connected with clients who have been actively commenting or simply fond of your ads

Fortunately, you will never have to burn money for “ Mark” anymore. This is probably good news for those who start advertising on FaceBook.

Features & Benefit

In this Adsmartly Review, take a look at some of the clever features that will change your game locally built into this tool:

Customized Link Building System

Remember that you absolutely do not use the target link to create FaceBook ads. Adsmartly will create a list of custom links to set as the destination link for your ads. It will help you make the most of the potential from running direct links to websites.

Create An Ad Campaign For 30 Seconds

For those new to running ads or for the first time exposed to it, this is probably a pretty difficult thing for them. With the Adsmartly Ads tool, you’ll complete an active campaign to start earning money in 30 seconds.

Publish Instant Content Sharing

Whenever you press the publish button immediately after creating your content. Immediately the content you have created will be public FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. You can access millions of premium videos and images via the pixabay connection API.

Pixel FaceBook Code

As soon as you own this first-rate software, getting the Pixel code of your ads so that you retarget will no longer be a big deal for you.

Potential Customer List

Adsmartly supports intelligent management of all potential leads from a variety of sources and exports it in CSV format or into Mailchimp, Aweber, Madmimi and Sendlane.

Engage Leads

Automatically send a message directly to your fan page list, as well as communicate via the live app notification on the user account that the leader was caught via the custom link.

Language Pack

You can easily switch the language you want from your account to any language you want to access. This will help adsmartly more popular than ever.

Sponsored Posts Engaging The Connected Channel

Do not let FaceBook touch your paid audience, stay in touch with your enthusiastic audience, interact and market with them and turn them into potential customers.

Custom Tabs

This is probably the most distinctive feature of adsmartly, you have the freedom to create Affiliate Ecom Store, Landing Page and Squeeze Page. Then it will automatically publish directly on your fan page on FaceBook, utilizing SEO on FaceBook and Viral Traffic to make the most of your revenue and capture potential customers without having to fill out a form Optin.

Sample Can Edit

You have exclusive access to millions of images that you can use right away to create ads to post ads on FaceBook.

How Does It Work?

Watch the overview demo video below. It will give you detailed information as well as how Adsmartly works:

Visit Official Website & Get Premium Bonus Package Below

Why should you get it?

Recently, most people started complaining about the high cost of Advertising on FaceBook, not being able to access their paid FaceBook subscriptions from sponsored posts, high rates of record-breaking rates returned with the landing page ad of the site preventing them from receiving leads or sales. So, with Adsmartly you can get all of those from FaceBook in a smart way and make them accessible because you paid to be granted access.

#1: With Adsmartly, you do not have to bother anymore if the user visits your landing page and optin, with the first custom link technology, you can fulfill all requests in a reasonable way before any which land of the user on your promotion page?

#2: With Adsmartly, you do not need to worry about FaceBook just keeping your potential leads from your sponsored articles, now you can interact with your potential customers and create and export your leads as warm objects that you can continue marketing without having to pay for FaceBook.

#3: With the custom Adsmartly tab technology you can sell your affiliate products from Amazon, Ebay and Bestbuy or any of the products directly on your Fanpage without fear of being seen or paying high subscription costs with shopify, leaveraging on FaceBook SEO for high visibility by prospects.

Now, let’s go to the next part of the Adsmartly Review to find out who needs this software!

Who should use it?

  • Content publisher, who want to get the best from their sponsored ads.
  • FaceBook Users, who wnat to make extra money for themselves.
  • Affiliate Marketers, who want to leverage on FaceBook Social Media Marketing.
  • Local Businesses, that wants to go online to improve sales.
  • Shopify Store Owners
  • eCommerce guys
  • Product Owners

Pros & Cons


  • Simple operation, easy to use.
  • It is suitable for people with little budget or who have no experience running ads.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Multi-language support
  • Make money with just one click. It’s crazy, is not it?


  • Users must have budget to maintain advertising.
  • Have knowledge of FaceBook ads.
  • Target customers accordingly to increase profits.

Price & Evaluation

Adsmartly includes 1 front end and 2 OTO:

#1 Front End($29)

10,000 limitations of potential export to autoresponder email, 20 custom link email capture clicks, sponsorship of publicly submitted technology subjects (who like and comment on their ads are sponsored to interact with, remarket to them and convert them into leads.) campaign division, social posting of photos and videos to FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram.

#2 OTO 1($47)

Unlimited Access to Front End Features, Sponsored Posts Technology Associate Administrator to manage previously sponsored ads on K fan pages, FaceBook Pixel, Templates. DFY’s editable FaceBook ad allows up to 5 secondary users.

#3 OTO 2($67)

AdSmart FaceBook Builder – Creative creation of Affiliate Ecom Store, Landing Page and Squeeze Page is published directly on your fan page on FaceBook, utilizing SEO on FaceBook and Viral Traffic to maximize revenue and Take away the potential customers without having to fill out an optin form.

#4 OTO 3($127-$197)

Smart Advertising – Whitelabel Rights (50 & 100 licenses). Users taking advantage of this benefit can customize this brand application by name, logo, etc and run it on their own domain to sell services to end users and make money.

Visit Official Website & Get Premium Bonus Package Below

Personal Experience

In my Adsmartly Review,  I found Victory Akpos famous for releasing solid products that made six figures out of total sales. He has a senior customer support team on all of their products. Therefore, you will be helped to solve your problem. do not worry about it!

He collaborated with the best advertiser & video designer to ensure this product will help your ad to be improved in the best way.

I have been in favor of a trial of adsmartly from Victory Akpos. In addition to the features that assist you to run your ads most easily on FaceBook, it is also suitable for a variety of audiences, especially affiliate marketers.

This is a fairly easy-to-use tool. Even if you are not technically skilled or have no computer skills, you can still use it in 15 minutes of experience.


To summarize my review, I think you have an overview of Adsmartly. This product will greatly assist you, it helps to increase sales significantly. But I want you to think carefully to decide whether this fierce battle is the participation of this tool or not? No one but you know what you want to do. You will be promoted with quality software that your customers will love. Thank for reading my Adsmartly Review!

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