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  • Brand New List Building Method
  • 3 Simple Step System To Follow
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  • Easy To Follow “By-The-Hand” Training Videos


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If you are looking for a new way to build your prospect list, this Affiliate Raid Review will be the key to solving the problem. Let me ask you a question first: Have you ever downloaded software? Via optin collects email clients of most web sites. I’m sure the answer is no.

Affiliate Raid Review

Affiliate Raid System

Statistics show that people are still interested in things that are more valuable, more lively and give them a sense of curiosity. Most people download software that looks valuable to their online business or life, install it within one hour after downloading. This shows a higher value found in boring reports, pdfs and manuals.

Did you know that with the usual email collection methods, optin rates for most people sit at about 1% to 8%, if you’re lucky. Some people have tried to figure out how to get 20-25%, a huge leap, but that means that for every 100 people coming to the site, only 25 people choose to join. That means your income is reduced by 75%.

Affiliate Raid Honest Review

But with Affiliate Raid, you can achieve 55-70% optin, with significantly improved interactivity. You will receive 55 -70 out of 100 potential customers visiting your site.

This tool is a great solution for you to win in building your prospect list with a simple exchange for their email. Keep reading my Affiliate Raid Review to discover all the information about this product…

Affiliate Raid Review – Overview

CreatorRichard Fairbairn et al
ProductAffiliate Raid
Launch Date2018-Jul-23
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Official websiteClick here
Front-End Price$27
BonusYES, My Affiliate Raid Bonus
SkillAll level
Refund30-day money back guarantee
Support Friendly & Effective
RecommendHighly recommend

What is Affiliate Raid?

Affiliate Raid

Affiliate Raid is a 100% cloud-based software that allows you to offer completely free high-value conversion software. with a secret and legitimate tactic to collect customer email addresses. Compared with the use of traditional “free” optins that contain a PDF report or something that most people overlook, and the worst thing is that they will never open (including email newsletters yours)

Richard & Paul has developed it to build its potential customer list more easily than ever before, and by trying this new approach it has given users more free options and optin rates higher – every single time. You can say that “Points of Interest” has been found to allow better, more qualified choices.

Affiliate Raid Tutorial

I want to let you know that this method and platform is proven, that this operation is easy to do and does not require any of the following to build your lists:

1. No Fiverr

2. No Shopify

3. No FaceBook Ads

4. No SEO

5. No Product Selling

6. No Product Launching

Affiliate Raid is a new proven system that is fast and easy, even if you do not have any online success. It allows anyone to use very similar methods to create a lucrative list, easier than ever with more customer engagement.

It also has a built-in “By-The-Hand” Training, which will guide you in detailing how to use the system and quickly build your own profitable email list. By using their system and the methods of collecting email “ninja”, you can build your lucrative list – daily and easy!

About Author

Richard Fairbairn

Richard Fairbairn is an online marketer who started his marketing activities in 1996 and earns millions of dollars online. He discovered that the market was always growing and he always tried new ways to make money online.

The methods he used to work become saturated, because everyone is doing it. At one point, squeeze pages have ruled the internet to generate leads.

However, the reality is increasingly difficult for people to enter their email for a PDF that most likely they will never read. So, Richard Fairbairn & Paul Okeeffe decided to create Affiliate Raid software.

Richard & Paul did not launch the product too often, but as they did, their products were of good quality and high conversion rates. Plus they have great after-sales support, which makes them more special than other marketers.

Don’t take your eyes off my Affiliate Raid Review to continue to explore the features and benefits this tool offers.

Key Features

Whether you have an automated email response platform like Aweber & GetResponse or want to use the integrated Contact Raid system, these features will take you step by step:

  • Affiliate Raid’s backend system

Affiliate Raid's backend system

On top of Affiliate Raid Program and powerful “free” software, it gives you the option of using your own Support Team or asking them to deal directly with you. That’s your call. The author just wants to make this as easy as possible for you. Affiliate Raid works with AWeber, GetResponse, Sendlane, Market Hero, MailChimp, ActiveCampain and HTML from most providers.

  • 10 give-away lite versions of software

In your affiliate Raid package are pre-installed free high-value software and get the glorious optin. These software are ready to reward and build up your empire list:

  • Re-brandale software
  • Affiliate Raid’s proven, tested & tried “by-the-hand” traning (via video)

How Does It Work?

With just 3 simple steps, you can activate Affiliate Raid to work …

How Does Affiliate Raid Work

Why Should You Get It?

Why should you use this product? Not because it is produced by master marketers, nor because of its low price or I am advertising for this product. I recommend using Affiliate Raid as it is a fairly easy-to-use tool that is suitable for everyone who wants to get a list of potential customers from people who are not experienced in making money online to master trainers.

This is not an “old expired” tool that does not work anymore. In fact, with the system and method of author, you will be able to give the customer higher value and with the click of a button, your new subscriber will thank you for it!

Affiliate Raid Software

Your list will be built on a fully automated system. You may not be able to earn a commission that will allow you to leave your full time job. You need a list and this is the quickest and fastest way to do it. When you apply more than the Affiliate Raid System, you will grow your list faster, and bring in commission revenue.

In just a few short hours from now, you can build your list. As it grows it will lead to commissions when you promote affiliate deals and ultimately make money online.

Who Should Use It?

I suggest that all those who are making money online should use this product. You will easily get a list of subscribers, completely “Hands-Off”. Whether you are a newbie with little or no experience or are a struggling marketer or are a brand new one, it’s perfectly suited to you.

Price & Evaluation

In my Affiliate Raid Review, the current price of this software is $27 and it will increase dramatically quickly after five days of launch. Take action today and change your future now!

Sales Funnel of Affiliate Raid

The decision is up to you, invest in proven affiliate systems and methods of Affiliate Raid to build a lucrative quick list or get the same results and return the old slow list building method with low optin rate. It really depends on you.

Personal Experience

Using Affiliate Raid, I found that this method (along with Affiliate Raid System) helps people choose to participate, faster and cheaper than most existing solutions. convert 10x, 25x, even 30 times better than the previous method.

To install the lite version of the software that you have provided for free (in an optin or Upsell option), users have downloaded from your brand new optin, users now need to enter their email to ” activation “software. That means Email optin to your profitable choice list.

There is a fact that you must be surprised that the email they enter to receive the activation code needs to be valid because that is where the activation code will be sent. Your choices will grow so fast, just like ours, and the members on your new list will get something of value for their online business or life. The open rate on email, after initial activation, is higher, since you provided the value first.

You can do this in part time and expand your list building system.


FAQ of Affiliate Raid


To summarize my Affiliate Raid Review, I think this is the final way you will win in building a list of potential customers, even if you have not been successful in growing the list your online. I hope that you will build a list of potential customers to break into your niche and profit from it. If you want to save time and effort, you should try Affiliate Raid once? Thank for reading my review!


Affiliate Raid – Special Launch

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