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AnimationKIT Review






Easy To Use







  • Many diverse characters.
  • Nice interface and themes.
  • Increase click-through and conversion rates.
  • Does not require editing software.
  • Many bonuses.
  • Once paid for use.


  • During use, this product has not had any disadvantages. All you need is to check the internet connection to your computer for the smoothest work.

As a business owner, every day you will have hundreds of different interests and easily forget the need for graphic design for your business. But did you know, animated video is one of the factors that help your business get closer to success? Why I say that because I have received so many benefits when focusing on graphic design for my business.

But to get animated video, professional graphic images are not simple. It requires you to have knowledge and experience in the field. If not, you will have to spend a monthly amount to hire a designer for yourself.

Today, coming to my review, you can forget about these issues because the market has just appeared a tool to help you create the most beautiful graphics videos and images. Please continue to follow the section below in my AnimationKIT Review.

AnimationKIT Review

AnimationKIT Overview

CreatorCham Altatis
Launch Date2019-Jan-05
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Official websiteClick here
Front-End Price$29
BonusYES, My AnimationKIT Premium Bonus below
SkillAll level
Refund30-day money back guarantee
Support Friendly & Effective
RecommendHighly recommend

What Is AnimationKIT?

AnimationKIT is a collection of all animated elements such as cartoon characters, icons, wallpapers, transitions, Symbols, Animated hands and etc.

Users use the elements available in the software to create the most beautiful animated videos. The elements are cartoon characters including male, female, formal, casual, children, etc.

The Author – Cham Altatis

Cham Altatis

Cham Altatis is a young person with a lot of experience in marketing. He is an expert in video marketing. Some of his user products include Video Thrive Society, Video Boss, StopMotionXpress, and many other products. You can see that his products are all related to videos. Because he knows that video has a much higher conversion rate than other marketing media.

AnimationKIT was released on January 5, 2019. He demonstrated animated videos that help businesses attract more customers and save money. Here are some features of this product.

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What are the Features of AnimationKIT?

  • Diversified elements

This software includes many diverse elements for users to choose to create a professionally animated video. The main elements in software such as male, female, old, young, inner, young, polite, simple and more.

  • High resolution

2k resolution characters help users to zoom out when adding full HD videos.

  • Diversified format

All software elements are in both MOV and GIF formats. This makes it easy to add elements to most tools like Camtasia, Powerpoint and Keynote.

  • Easy to use

This product is extremely user-friendly. It does not require any skill or technique. Everything you need to do is click. You just drag and drop you have an animated video with professional elements (you don’t need to learn to edit or use any editing software).

  • Bonuses

Easy Sketch Pro 3 (SPECIAL BONUS) and Stop Motion Xpress

How Does It Work?

This product is extremely easy to use because all has been made available to you. You just need to come up with ideas and get what you need in the library. Moreover, there will be a video that shows you how to work to get the most out of this software. Here are 3 basic steps of the product:

  • Step 1: Select the cartoon character elements you want.
  • Step 2: edit the wallpaper, interface, colours as you like.
  • Step 3: upload to the website or anywhere you want.

Watch AnimationKIT Demo Video below:


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Who Should Use It?

When using animated videos businesses have received a lot of great results. A survey shows the results of some businesses when using animated videos:

  • MailLift improves conversion rate to 67%.
  • Greystack Digital Marketing has increased by 40% of their potential customers.
  • AmeriCash Loans email campaigns, with animated videos, increased 130% clickthrough rate compared to CTR for emails without animated videos.

Therefore, this product is for all large, small, online or offline businesses, marketers, video designers and more.

Price and Evaluation

The price of this product as I see it is quite reasonable. For only $ 29, you can get a collection of elements to create an animated video. Moreover, you also receive a personal license and commercial license.

Your provider has added some channels for you to choose from

In my opinion, you should choose OTO 1 because in this upgrade package you will be joining a club where you will be sharing everything to get more professional videos. You can visit their sales page to learn more about the features of these channels.


Have you seen the great benefits of this product yet? With AnimationKIT, you will no longer have to struggle to design animated videos. The videos created by this software will help you try higher click and conversion ratios than ever.

Please rest assured when using this product because you will have a 30-day return policy. I find it really a product you can’t miss.

Thanks for your attention and following my AnimationKIT Review. I hope you will make the wisest decision for your business. If you have anything you do not understand about this product, you can call me online or leave a message below. Love!

AnimationKIT – Special Launch

Animated video is one of the most used forms of marketing used by businesses. So, my AnimationKIT Review will share with you a tool to help you do this in just a few minutes!

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AnimationKIT Bonus Pakage

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Bonus #1:

The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint (Value $49)

The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint

Bonus #2:

Whiteboard Video Fortune Prospecting (Value $47)

Whiteboard Video Fortune Prospecting

Bonus #3:

Decinema Virality (Value $18)

Decinema Virality

Bonus #4:

Youtube Marketing Excellence (Value $27)

Youtube Marketing Excellence

Bonus #5:

Viral Video System (Value $27)

Viral Video System

Bonus #6:

Maggazzine 2 (Value $12)

Maggazzine 2

Bonus #7:

Awesome Meme Caption Kit (Value $17)

Awesome Meme Caption Kit

Bonus #8:

PixelCover (Value $27)


Bonus #9:

Giant Marketing King (Value $17)

Giant Marketing King

Bonus #10:

Instant Traffic Funnel ( Value $47)

Instant Traffic Funnel

Bonus #11:

Organic Traffic Secrets ( Value $97)

Organic Traffic Secrets

Bonus #12:

AffiliateTuber (Value $297)


>>OTO Bonus Package<<<

Bonus #1:

Facebook Ads That Convert (Value $1,297)

Facebook Ads That Convert

Bonus #2:

Facebook Ads for Complete Newbies (Value $997)

Facebook Ads for Complete Newbies

Bonus #3:

Social Ads Domination (Value $497)

Social Ads Domination

Bonus #4:

Smart Social Live (Value $997)

Smart Social Live

Bonus #5:

Fan Page Profit System (Value $997)

Fan Page Profit System

Bonus #6:

FB Group Secrets (Value $297)

FB Group Secrets

Bonus #7:

FB Playbook Course (Value $297)

FB Playbook Course

Bonus #8:

Social Media Mastery (Value $497)

Social Media Mastery

Bonus #9:

Native Ads 6-Week Coaching Program

Native Ads 6-Week Coaching Program

Bonus #10:

Dan Kennedy – 43 Secrets to Advertising

Dan Kennedy – 43 Secrets to Advertising

Bonus #11:

InstaClient Academy (Value $1997)

InstaClient Academy

Bonus #12:

Avenik Instagram Course (Value $997)

Avenik Instagram Course

Bonus #13:

Viral Venum Instagram Mastery

Viral Venum Instagram Mastery

Bonus #14:

The 100k Blueprint

The 100k Blueprint

Bonus #15:

Zamurai Video Immersion (Value $997)

Zamurai Video Immersion

Bonus #16:

CoverActionPro 3.0 (Value $297)

CoverActionPro 3.0

Bonus #17:

Video Hero (Value $199)

Video Hero

Bonus #18:

The Awakening (Value $97)

The Awakening

Bonus #19:

Dynamic Mobile SEO Dollars ( Value $197)

Dynamic Mobile SEO Dollars

Bonus #20: 

Authority SEO – The Complete Package ( Value $497)

Authority SEO – The Complete Package

Bonus #21:

Scientific Rankings ( Value $997)

Scientific Rankings

Bonus #22:

The Golden Traffic Source

The Golden Traffic Source

Bonus #23:

Traffic Intensive ( Value $197)

Traffic Intensive

Bonus #24:

Insta Traffic Mastery

Insta Traffic Mastery

Bonus #25:

Smart Google Traffic ( Value $1497)

Smart Google Traffic

Bonus #26:

3 Pack GMB Ranking Confidential ( Value $247)

3 Pack GMB Ranking Confidential

Bonus #27: 

Domain Authority Stacking ( Value $1997)

Domain Authority Stacking

Bonus #28: 

Advanced SEO Summit

Advanced SEO Summit

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