Auto Profit System Review – Bank with proven method

Auto Profit System Review

Welcome to my Auto Profit System Review! You are in the right place if you want to make profit on the fly.

Auto Profit System Review


The fact that social media traffic or FB Ads traffic are all risky and difficult to convert. Do you know that? To work on FB ads, you have to spend much time and eve money, then work again and again with funnels, pages, or pop-ups building. Forget all of them because you have a revolution from Solo ads. Have you heard that? It can help you to work more than what you think. And you don’t have to find out it anymore as it’s here right now.

In my Auto Profit System Review, I want to introduce you a software as 100% automated system designed to set each campaign once and profit for months with solo ads and list building. I have experience with it, and it really bring me the fantasy. You may not know how happy you are when you have the way to turn freebie seekers into buyers. I am amazed with the results it bring, and today, I hope you can find your solution. Let’s see!

Auto Profit System Review – Overview

What is Auto Profit System?

Auto Profit System

Auto Profit System is a simple 2 page system bring you immediate profits without all the rehashed methods. It allows users to bank big with proven method. You will have the opportunity to generate $3600 from 661 Opt-ins from Freebie Seekers in a few clicks.

About Author


Tom Yevsikov is not a strange name. You may have heard his name through some of famous product launches such as:  FON Video Ranker, Srr Sales Formula, Classified Commissions, Untold Traffic Sources, ClickBank Rewards, and Smart Social, etc.

Yes, he is one of the most successful digital marketers as well as a software producer. By many years of experience he got, he created and developed Auto Profit System. This launch promises to bring a new change for the way we work and earn money online.

What are the features?

1. APS Strategy

APS Strategy

There is a step by step video course for you to walk through until you make money and create huge lists. Inside it, you learn the exact strategy, which pages you should build, which products to promote, and what follow up emails to write.

2. DFY APS Page Builder Hosted on available Servers

DFY APS Page Builder Hosted on available Servers

APS is different from other thank-you pages, so we need only 2 pages for this strategy instead of full funnel. APS page will get you 100% CTR and convert freebie seekers into buyers.

It will host the pages you build. If you want to hose it on your own WP site, you can.

3. WP Connector Plugin

With one click, you can import to WP site for more control. If you want more control and want to host the APS Page on your own WP site, you will get the special connector plugin to do that.

4. Other features

  • All resources to make money
  • Create and deploy auto profit systems
  • Squeeze pages and auto profit system pages
  • Proven formula
  • Two modules of software
  • Information/case study/methodology course
  • Thank-you message and countdown timer

How to use it?

  • Step 1: Build the actual 2 page system. Use can use the system to make the APS pages are on “Turn Freebie seeker into buyer mode”
  • Step 2: Drive traffic using the traffic methods available. You can use solo ads to get unfair advantage
  • Step 3: Automate the entire process and make more money with special automation section. You can build a list of hungry targeted subscribers to sell again and again.

Check out Auto Profit System Demo

Who should use it?

Do you want to boost profit with list building? If yes, it is your chance. Auto Profit System comes with basic elements, so it is perfect for newbies rather than veterans. You will need if you are one these kind of customers:

  • Social marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • Online marketers
  • List builders
  • Business owners
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Pros & Cons


  • Easy and simple to use
  • More templates
  • 1 click WordPress Impress Plugin
  • System delivered in video format
  • Reasonable price
  • 100% refund policy


  • Good internet connection is required
  • No advanced functions for experienced marketers

Price and evaluation

1. Front End Auto Profit System – $19.95

  • The APS Page builder and case study
  • APS video training, also the eBook
  • Rolodex
  • Connector Plugin that can upload pages to WP

2. OTO 1 – $37

  • The APS super Simple Squeeze page builder software
  • 10 templates and giveaway
  • The auto profit system Rolodex
  • The auto profit system solo ad Mastery Guide
  • The APS follow up email sequence.

3. OTO 2 – $67

  • CaptiPic – the SAAS platform for you to personalize images inside websites and emails
  • The ultimate image personalization tool for emails and websites
  • You can customize your APS pages, delivery pages and much more
  • You also can create a unique experience.

4. OTO 3 – $67

  • This pack gives you the APS – Page Builder and case study/methodology.


In conclusion, I want to tell you that Auto Profit System is an incredible product for our career. Now we can turn freebie seekers into buyer and have the chance to get 100% click-through rate. Moreover, we can use solo ads and earn massive money but don’t need to target the most expensive traffic.

Hopefully, my Auto Profit System Review can give you useful information and help you to make decision easily. Don’t forget that you have the 30-day money guarantee, so you should not hesitate too long.  Thank you for your attention, and good luck to you!

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