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  • Low price, no subscription fee.
  • Can be used in multiple industries.
  • Easy to use, even with newbies.
  • Have both free and fast traffic methods.
  • Evergreen products, difficult to get saturated.


  • Not any cons.

While the number of online marketers is increasing day by day, there is only 1 out of 10 people succeeding to make money as a fulltime job. 90% percent fail and become the hungry customers for the other smaller proportion.

So how to make sure you are in 10% not the 90% part?

In this Bulletproof Commissions Review, I will help you with a new solution.

Many products are launched with big promises that they will help you cash in autopilot and you don’t need to lift a finger to build a domain. As a smart marketer, you need to be wise to filter the good ones only, which can bring you real benefits, not to turn you into loyal sheep of the vendors.

With my short review, I can introduce a new useful and practical product we all need.

Let’s find out!

Bulletproof Commission Review

Overview of Bulletproof Commission

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What is Bulletproof Commission about?

Bulletproof Commission is a product with DFY system. It’s a ready-to-use campaign for affiliates to promote products and eCom to drive traffic efficiently. The entire system includes 3 main parts: campaign, funnel and traffic strategies. In each part, you get the tool to build your campaign carefully step by step. Therefore, this system is built to give you the rod, not to offer the fish.

Inside the system, you will be taught to generate traffic with:

Module 1: Bulletproof Commission Rolodex

Module 2: Setting up your Bulletproof Commission campaign

Module 3: Unleashing secret traffic strategies

Module 4: The next step

Module 5: More profit sauces

In short, you will have the DFY campaign and the training method/training in this new product. Sound interesting, right? Check out the below part in my Bulletproof Commission Review to find out about the creator of this product.

Creator of Bulletproof Commission

The men behind are Vick Carty and Robert Philips. With their experience, they have made their products become a must in toolbox of many affiliate marketers. These guys launch quite many products about SEO and traffic as their specialized niche. You should check out the recommended digital products such as VidSpy, Tube RSS Xtreme, SEO Agency Theme, etc.

The next part in my Bulletproof Commission Review will tell you how to use this system in 3 simple steps.

How Bulletproof Commission works

How can make Bulletproof Commission work for you? In fact, the material is ready to use instantly and you just need to put the puzzle into your own system.

  • Step 1: Log into the member area with your credential and download the campaign
  • Step 2: Set up the campaign in your autoresponder
  • Step 3: Use the traffic methods and get profit

Watch Bulletproof Commission Demo Video below:

Continue my Bulletproof Commission Review and we will explore the benefits you will get to leverage this system.

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Key Features of Bulletproof Commission

  • DFY multiple campaigns to engage audience

Bulletproof Commission provides a zip file of DFY campaigns. In this package, you will find the email swipe to set up in your autoresponder and run the campaign. The emails contain all necessary elements to make your link receive more and more clicks. Remember to replace your affiliate link to promote your products.

  • 7 steps to get familiar and leverage the system

Inside the system is the 7 steps Vick introduces everything about Bulletproof Commission. The steps cover the welcoming phase to generating traffic and building funnel. The illustration is understandable to help you have a clear concept of what will happen.

  • Traffic generation in massive sources with social media

The traffic part gives you the methods to drive traffic and generate leads in both free and paid ways. Bulletproof Commission isn’t only about email marketing, but it’s also getting the traffic from social media, a huge pool of daily active users.

  • Participate in the VIP community

When you purchase this product, you get access to the VIP Facebook mastermind group. In this community, the experts and normal users discuss the issue and trends in digital marketing. A lot of things to learn!

  • DFY sale funnels in the system

Users will be provided the landing pages to make money with Bulletproof Commission. You will be shown the way to access the funnel and use it with your campaign, step by step training!

My Favorite Feature Of Bulletproof Commission

As said early in my Bulletproof Commission Review, with millions of products launched every day, you have to make sure you cherry pick the right tool. My preferred feature in this product is that it gives you the material to set up in your system, the email swipe to put in your campaign. It’s a DFY but it won’t make you lazy with a complete autopilot system.

Many other system usually provides you the whole funnel with host and domain, what left to do is you have to drive traffic to THEIR host. You can make money but the risk is much higher, and it makes you become their subscribers.

Who should use Bulletproof Commission?

The developers said they created a system for affiliates to drive traffic but I think this system is more than that. It should be use to pull traffic from social media and warm up email lists as well. Therefore, I will recommend it to:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • eCom site owners
  • Website marketers
  • SEO experts
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Price and Evaluation

The front-end package will be sold at $10 only. This’s quite a small price so I think it’s affordable for almost anyone. Therefore, I suggest we consider some upgrades of this product to see which fits our strategies most:

  • OTO 1: $17 – Bulletproof Commission Pro

You will have the review videos, bonus pages, etc to increase the sales

  • OTO 2: $20 per month – Bulletproof Commission Ultimate

IM Academy to improve your entire business

  • OTO 3: $197 – Bulletproof Commission IM Traffic Academy
  • OTO 4: $127 – Bulletproof Commission Ehome
  • OTO 5: $197 – Bootcamp for life

My Final Thought,

My Bulletproof Commission Review is what I want to share with you about this product. You should check carefully if you want to invest in this type of campaign: email marketing and drive traffic from social media. If yes, this product is for you. If not, feel free to check out others. Even a good product can’t make the noise if your strategies don’t fit. And my advice is to always consider not to make your budget become another’s benefit!

Bulletproof Commissions – Special Launch

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