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You know it’s always the affiliates who get their promotions out first will bank the biggest commission. But how you can move from finding a new offer to promoting it in minutes? Let’s check out my Commission Gorilla V2 Review!


Affiliate market is becoming more and more popular with the boost in software promoted and the huge profit they can bring back. Super affiliates know the key to getting up to five times more sales is to add value by offering a bonus and a review. But most affiliates don’t do that because it wastes too much time and energy.

Do you know that speed is the name of the game when it comes to affiliate marketing? If you don’t jump on an offer fast, everyone else will nab your customers and commissions. But up until now, creating promo pages and deliver them have been a huge pain because there is too much tech skill required, even you might hire a high-priced designer if you want it to look good.

Now you wonder what you need to do when you have no design skills, no large budget? Don’t worry, let’s me introduce you the Commission Gorilla V2 that makes it “drag and drop” easy to create sexy promo pages faster than ever, then delivery pages a breeze. Keep your eyes on my Commission Gorilla V2 Review to discover more detailed functions of it.


Commission Gorilla V2 Review – Overview

What is it?

Commission Gorilla V2 is a web based software for affiliates made by affiliates but goes deeper than that. It is really an affiliate promotion page builder with a whole host of conversion boosting bells and whistles. It is combined with a bonus management system and an in-depth reporting and analytics engine developed exclusively for affiliate marketers.

This software is designed to reduce the time and energy we need to create a promotional page. Besides, it incorporates/automates many winning affiliate marketing strategies that have generated $10M+ in sales commissions and prizes for the authors five years.

About the author


Promote Labs Inc. is a team whose founders are professionals in the marketing field and experienced business owners. They have the similar inspiration with digital products and software development. They have some launches you may know such as PostGopher, Split test monkey, Monkey Playr. Recently, their ProductDyno software also has made a boost in the JV market.

The team spent over a year to develop Commission Gorilla V2 and then lived it for six months in private beta. The result they got is a million of dollars generated in affiliate sales. Frankly, there is nothing else on the market like it or that even comes close. Promote Labs is really a famous organization with many great achievement, so I think we can trust to use their product.

Features of Commission Gorilla V2

I will divide this part in five sections with each of them describes the detailed function of each packages. Which also can bring clear overview for your choice with ease.

1. Commission Gorilla Standard Account


Firstly, we discover the details in the basic version of Commission Gorilla.  I’m sure it alone is enough to surprise you with all of the powerful features.

Imagine that you need to create a super incredible bonus on the fly for a promotion but not having days to do it. Does it make you worry? Luckily, now you will be able to whip up a power packed bonus in literally a few minutes.

This version of Commission Gorilla is limited to 20 pages. And you can import (not export) other Commission Gorilla pages as well as have ten done-for-you Bonuses. It will also include seven growing-ready-made bonus pages that anyone can use to promote and make money.

2. Commission Gorilla V2 – Pro Upgrade

  • Countdown Timers for your pages

This choice allows you to use date specific or evergreen timers on all your pages by a few clicks. Then you can choose to redirect visitors automatically to any other page when the countdown expires, or simply reset the countdown to start again.

This option is perfect for product launches and ‘set & forget’ time sensitive offers.  When your referrals use countdown timers across all of the promotions, the results can be astonishing.

  • Attention Bars

Adding a new bar to your page is a simple but effective way to get your visitor’s focus. You can choose to display it at the top of the page, then change the colors and fonts, add a timed delay.

Attention bar is designed to highlight a bonus, remind visitors about deadlines, link to demos or videos, or even connect to other promotions or lead capture pages.

  • Exit Pop-Ups

The fact you can know that not every visitor to your page will continue to your recommended offers. In a test, it reveals 50-70% will leave no matter how good your bonus is.  However, with exit redirects, your referrals will take power to recycle this ‘wasted’ traffic.

It is so amazing! You will be able to send leaving visitors to the offer page directly via your affiliate link. The next step, you can easily ‘save a sale,’ meaning that sending these visitors to a squeeze page to build your own list to even show another bonus offer to them.

3. Instant Bonuses Monthly or One Time


With this option, you will get a ‘head start’ and have your bonus library all ready to go with done for you ready made bonuses. Besides, you have the right to instantly access to 25 pre-done bonuses and two additional ones every month. However, if you cancel the trial, you only get the 25 bonuses.

And while there is a ton of value in this upgrade, here are some important points for you to refer.

  • Everything is already done for you

Everything is covered from product research through to graphics, bonus copy and automatic product delivery.

  • Free Updates

Of course, all the future updates are free Now you don’t have to worry about updating content, but your bonuses are always up to date and fresh.

  • Add to Pages in One Click

The 25 Bonuses and the monthly bonuses are automatically added to your bonus library.

  • A Ton of Hot In-Demand Topics

The Promote Labs team has covered every conceivable hot business and marketing related topics that anyone will ever need.

4. Sales Page Bypass (Add On)


With the sales page bypass, you can leapfrog any vendor’s sales page and still bank commissions. It’s as simple as:

  • Create a bypass link and use it on your Commission Gorilla Page
  • Sell directly from your page
  • Collect your payment as normal, but with higher conversions!

You can use this option to pretty much ramp up commissions on just about any offer that you want to promote.

  • Black Dragon Protocol Course


This choice provides you the Black Dragon Protocol course to show how to go from zero to hero in 90 days or less as a super affiliate marketer.

  • How to get more traffic
  • How to grow you list
  • How to convert even the most lukewarm prospects into rabid buyers and fill your bank account with cold hard cash.

5. Commission Gorilla V2 Review Block (Add On)


This offer allows anyone to enhance their Commission Gorilla pages with impressive, eye catching reviews. It is powerful add on to Commission Gorilla that all of you will absolutely go head over heels. Here is an outline of features:

  • Unlimited color combinations
  • 5 rating criteria slots
  • 17 criteria styles: animated bars, stars, ticks & more
  • Custom headline fonts
  • Multiple rating options: out of 10 or percentages
  • Clone block functionality
  • Unlimited use / add multiple blocks to any page

The best thing here is everything is truly point and click. It is made in an incredibly simple way.  You don’t need to have coding skill at all, just use the simple editor and have a stunning review block to add to your existing pages in no time.

How does it work?

The working process is guided when you purchasing this product. The support team also are ready 24/7 to help you to work. But if you want to see it in action, you can check the Demo Video below now!

Who should use it?

Commission Gorilla V2 is perfect for anyone who want to get huge profit from affiliate marketing. You can be a blogger, business owner, affiliate marketers, product creators; as long as you desire to make money online without big budget and effort, you will need this software.

Advantages and Disadvantages


green tick icereview No need of design or tech skills, all you have to do is point and click the mouse to create beautiful and high-converting bonus pages.

green tick icereview Build and store bonus building blocks inside the bonus library. Then you can just drag and drop these bonuses into your bonus pages

green tick icereview Host your bonus offer pages at no charge. Or you can opt to upload them directly to your site.

green tick icereview It creates your bonus page and delivery page at the same time. You can even drag and drop in a pre-written text to create pages even faster.

green tick icereview With a click of the mouse, you can clone the page, tweak it for another offer.

green tick icereview Track your high-performing pages with just a glance by looking at the built-in stats.

green tick icereview Promoting your new bonus page by the built-in social share button. You can build your page, promote it, and enjoy the rest of your day.

green tick icereview Increase traffic and conversion rates thanks to attention bars, exit pop-ups and countdown timers.


Red Cross icereview Make sure you have a good internet connection for you work perfectly. Since I used it, I haven’t got any trouble. If I see it later, I will tell you.

Price and evaluation

1. Front-End Package – $27

  • No pro features
  • 10 DFY Bonuses
  • Lifetime account
  • Import CG pages (not export)

2. OTO 1 – $37

  • One-time payment
  • Unlimited pages
  • Pro Features
  • Export CG Pages

3. OTO 2 – $47 (30 day trial)

  • 25 done for you bonuses
  • 2 additional every month
  • $19.95 after trial

4. Downsell 1 – $47

  • 25 done-for-you bonuses now

5. OTO 3 – $67

  • Sales page bypass add on
  • Black Dragon Protocol course

6. OTO 4 – $17

  • Review Block Add on

As you see, the price of all choices is not expensive. Now, thanks to Commission Gorilla V2, you can save time and money on doing it yourself, of hiring outsourcers. Moreover, you also have a 30-day money back guarantee that will make you satisfied when paying money for this product.

Personal Assessment

It’s not long ago. I have had some mistakes that make me cannot get one dollar of profit although I have tried my best with all my budget and effort. I thought promoting everything is good, and yes, I hurt my reputation myself. Besides, I tried to do everything manually with the hope of great result, but I get nothing as I desire.

Recently, I have realized that the successful affiliates always automate everything they can, and choose what should be promoted, what not. Then I have spent much time to find how to do that like them, and I get Commission Gorilla V2.

After considering the features of it, and see that the price is affordable, I have decided to take a trial on it. Until now, I feel lucky when owning a product like it. All the work of creating promotion pages, bonus pages and automating delivery have been done quickly and efficiently. But it doesn’t stop here. The best result I have got is I could make up 5x more sales and commissions by offering bonus over just tossing a non-incentivized link in front of prospects.



It comes to the end of my Commission Gorilla V2 Review. You can see that there are many benefits from this incredible product, and you cannot get them from other software in the market. Finally, I want to say thank you for your attention on my review. I hope you can find it useful for you decision making. Good luck!

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