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Decinema Extreme Review






Easy To Use









  • Friendly with new people.
  • No plugins required.
  • Works 100% on powerpoint.
  • Full video tutorial.
  • No monthly fee.
  • Warranty within 30 days.


  • If you want to obtain a commercial license, you must buy upsell.

You are skip marketing videos; that means you are eliminating yourself from the market. Why do I say so? Because video marketing is the best way for you to reach potential customers; Successful marketers use videos to increase profits for their businesses.

But to get unique video content, we are facing a number of issues:

  • First, we lack the skills to create interesting videos.
  • Secondly, we do not have time to participate in design courses.
  • Third, we are spending hundreds of dollars to get designers.

These 3 issues are the reason for me to seek support from digital products that will solve the three major problems we are facing. I will tell you more about this product in my Decinema Extreme Review.

Decinema Extreme Review

Decinema Extreme Review – Overview

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What Is Decinema Extreme?

Decinema Extreme is a tool that helps you create high converting sales videos with just a few clicks.

Decinema Extreme includes 50 professional video templates. All of these video models are as professional as designed with advanced software.

The best thing about these templates is that you can edit them on the powerpoint. You will not need to download any editing software.

About Author

Agus Sakti

Agus Sakti is a great provider on JVZoo. He has been active in marketing for a long time. Some of his products include Fresh Animate, Christmas Animate Bundle, Video POP Template, Decinema Anamorphic and more.

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Decinema Extreme Review – Features & Benefits

The first thing we care about when purchasing a product is its features and benefits. If a product does not have the benefit we are looking for, there is no reason for us to buy it. To help you make a decision to buy, I will list the features and benefits of this product for you. Here is what you will get:

  • 6 beautiful advertising templates in the field of fashion, they have a net worth of $ 174
  • 15 separate video style templates. Worth $ 435
  • 15 samples of magic presentation videos, they cost $ 551
  • 5 video samples about sports. They’re worth $ 145
  • 3 video samples about real estate. They cost $ 87
  • 2 samples of wedding videos, they cost $ 58
  • 5 logo openers, they are worth $ 85

As far as I count. Total value all samples are $ 1535. But now, you only need to spend $ 19 to own them.

Some other benefits you will receive are valuable bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: pack decinema icon 1 # 300+ whiteboard
  • Bonus 2 # 2000+ premium decinema clipart
  • Bonus 3 # 500+ stock photos
  • Bonus 4 # 400+ vector decinema graphics
  • Bonus 5 # 150+ SVG full-color characters
  • Personal license

You can use this license for your projects unlimitedly.

How Does It Work?

Decinema Extreme works 100% on Powerpoint. You just need to open your powerpoint, then edit as you like. It works in powerpoint on Mac and Window.

If you want to work best, you need to use powerpoint 2013. You can also operate with powerpoint 2007 or powerpoint 2010, but the results it gives you will not be as perfect as you want.

It works with 3 steps:

  • Step 1: select the templates in the library you are looking for
  • Step 2: Click edit, replace images, text and more
  • Step 3: Export the product to files like PDF, MP4, JPG and download
  • Choose

In addition, you can learn more in their instructional videos.

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Who Should Buy It?

Decinema Extreme will make it easier than ever to make money online. It is really for:

  • Digital product creator

You can create sales videos in minutes. You can work effectively with it without any skill or technique. Your sales pages will attract customers to increase profits.

  • Branches and internet marketers

You will save a lot of money on converting and creating sales videos.

  • Small business owner

You can create videos to promote your business locally via Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and more.

  • Owner of the e-commerce store

You can create sales videos to showcase your products. This helps your visitors decide to buy on the spot.

  • Content creator, author and bloggers

You can create content related to what you advertise. After that, you can post that content to major social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Evaluation and Price

$19 is the price of Deciema Extreme. This price will be maintained throughout the launch days. But somehow, its price will change.

If you want to catch it, act immediately to get the most preferential price.

To meet the needs of users, the provider also offers some upsell for you to choose from. They will help your work go further in the future. I think you should consider them in their sales page.

In addition, there will be a guarantee policy for you. In other words, you will get a 30-day trial. If in 30 days, you don’t see the results it brings. You can send them a message. The provider will refund you all.

Deciema Extreme inclides 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs:

Front-End: Decinema Extreme: Personal License ($19) >>More details<<

OTO1: Decinema Extreme Platinum: Commercial License ($37) >>More details<<

OTO2: Decinema Extreme Platinum: Personal License ($17) >>More details<<

In The End

Decinema Extreme is a great powerpoint video template on the market I have used. You can copy them now to create the most profitable sales video.

I hope my Decinema Extreme Review will help you get useful information. If you would like more information, please leave a comment below, I will answer you as soon as possible.

Decinema Extreme – Special Launch

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Smart Google Traffic ( Value $1497)

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Smart Social Live (Value $997)

Smart Social Live

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Tubafy Masters By Barry And Rogger (Value $997)

Tubafy Masters By Barry And Rogger

Bonus #4:

Video Launch Method

Video Launch Method

Bonus #5:

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HoomanTV – YouTube Mastery 2019

Bonus #6:

Dan Brock – Tube Tycoon (Value $997)

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Youtube Advanced Masterclass (Value $95)

Youtube Advanced Masterclass

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Justin Sardi – Video Ads Masterclass 2018 (Value $997)

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Zamurai Video Immersion (Value $997)

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Bonus #11:

Video Hero (Value $199)

Video Hero

Bonus #12:

The Awakening (Value $97)

The Awakening

Bonus #13:

The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint (Value $49)

The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint

Bonus #14:

Whiteboard Video Fortune Prospecting (Value $47)

Whiteboard Video Fortune Prospecting

Bonus #15:

Decinema Virality (Value $18)

Decinema Virality

Bonus #16:

Youtube Marketing Excellence (Value $27)

Youtube Marketing Excellence

Bonus #17:

Viral Video System (Value $27)

Viral Video System

Bonus #18:

Local YouTube For Cash Confidential

Local YouTube For Cash Confidential

Bonus #19:

CoverActionPro 3.0 (Value $297)

CoverActionPro 3.0

Bonus #20:

Maggazzine 2 (Value $12)

Maggazzine 2

Bonus #21:

Awesome Meme Caption Kit (Value $17)

Awesome Meme Caption Kit

Bonus #22:

PixelCover (Value $27)


Bonus #23:

Giant Marketing King (Value $17)

Giant Marketing King

Bonus #24:

Logo Design Techniques

Logo Design Techniques

Bonus #25:

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 (Value $47)

Video Graphics Bonanza V2

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