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Desigy Templates PRO Review






Easy To Use







  • Wide ranges of templates in different forms.
  • Easy to edit without complicated third-party app.
  • Common formats suiting with all-level editors.
  • High quality content.

Don’t push your designers,

It’s clearly that the advance of technology has speeded up every corner in our daily life. Everything comes and goes with an urgent note. But you can’t (absolutely shouldn’t) push your designers. A 1-hour made logo will be completely different from a 30-second one, and you will suffer from the hustle afterwards.

But you still need the work in some minutes, why should we do? You can find the answer when reading the Desigy Templates PRO Review below. This will be the templates with high-quality templates in easily editable forms you need and your designer thanks for.

The product comes with the modules about all stuff you need for a designing kit in a promotional campaign from the online banners to the offline printing. The designing content with catchy and mesmerizing videos and images will be the traffic magnet. Who says template is a “shouldn’t” thing?

Desigy Templates PRO Review

Desigy Templates PRO Overview

CreatorAzam Dzulfikar
ProductDesigy Templates PRO
Launch Date2018-Dec-19
Launch Time10:00 EDT
Official websiteClick here
Front-End Price$17
BonusYES, My Desigy Templates PRO Bonus
SkillAll level
Refund30-day money back guarantee
Support Friendly & Effective
RecommendHighly recommend

What is it?

You can see this is a template package for promotional art work. This product comes in with 9 modules covering all design type for a campaign on social media and offline event such as banner, roll up banner, FB banner, Instagram banner, and so on.

Desigy Template PRO is a friendly product which allows people to edit and customize in minutes. The drag-and-drop feature will be a gift for anyone without not much experience on designing. The formats used are mainly pptx and jpg so you don’t need high-level software like Adobe Creative Suite to edit.

The resolution is a good point so you don’t need to worry the images will be distorted or broken when printing. In this Desigy Template PRO Review, you finally can find a template package can make you rest assured and save much effort and money.

About the Author

 Azam Dzulfikar may be a strange name to some of you because he’s originally a designer. Therefore, the templates in this package are really the templates you can leverage, not a collection of random images from Pinterest. Under the work-from-home trend, he has spent time creating beautiful and professional templates.

Other templates pack you can find from his store are Ximovie Templates FX, Vidionic Templates and Viditix FX Templates. All of these made thousands of revenue because of its high efficiency and uses in multiple niches.

Features You Will Feel Thankful Within Desigy Templates PRO

  • 9 modules in all form of promotional designs

Desigy Template PRO contains 9 modules with different forms of designs:

– Module 1: Animated video templates for typography, product review, social campaign, offline even or outdoor activities, …

– Module 2: Flyer design templates for travel agency, restaurant menus, charity fundraising, sales off event, …

– Module 3: Infographics templates for tips and tricks, agenda, data and statistics review, …

– Module 4: Instagram banner templates with square size to optimize the display on mobile phone with the CTA.

– Module 5: Facebook banner template with customized sized for different devices such as tablet, mobile and computer, the CTA and the headlines are all editable but still follow the text rule of FB.

– Module 6: Animated background less than 1 minute in animation formats.

– Module 7: Instagram quotes banner in both flat lay and background version.

– Module 8: Roll up banner templates as standee ready to print out in nice form with high quality.

– Module 9: Mockup templates.

  • Professional and eye-catchy content under high quality

Desigy Templates PRO gives you the content in a fresh and young style, promising to drive you traffic and the click-in surprisingly. Moreover, the quality of the banner remains OK with the color and size when printing out.

  • Easily editable in common format

Pptx is increasingly a powerful in designing with surprise by surprise. Moreover, this software also comes with all the Microsoft Office kit. And Desigy Template PRO will help you leverage this software to edit the templates at ease.

The elements, the text, art work in the templates are all ready-to-use but you can customize your banners or your cover without much manual work. All required is only the drag-and-drop action.

  • No high level third-party software

Adobe series software is a powerful tool in design and edit but not many people can use and afford. Desigy Template PRO don’t need you to spend so much time for the Adobe kit while still getting the best result.

  • Quickly render and export the customized version

Apart from the ready-to-use templates, the rendering process is much easier with this package. After edited, the videos can be rendered and exported in a few minute without crashing your PC.

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Steps to Use Desigy Templates PRO

As other template kit, you can master it in 3 simple steps, saving you from much time and effort, money and headache:

  • Step 1: Choose the high quality template.
  • Step 2: Edit the template with your usual software, text, audio, image, …
  • Step 3: Export the stunning and professional videos or banners.

Who can use It?

These templates will be a burden-reliever for any designers to come up with the ideas, to meet the deadlines and to make their eyes less black. Moreover, my Desigy Template PRO will recommend this for:

  • Marketer and advertiser to increase reach and traffic, improve your conversion.
  • Local business owner to edit your banners and promote and sell your product.
  • Affiliate marketers to create review product to get sales and earn your commission.
  • Bloggers and vloggers to attract more leads and SEO your site higher ranking.

Price and Evaluation

The front-end price of Desigy is $17 currently. This price is an affordable price and would be a very low price considering usual price you hire freelancer and designer. You can also check out the upsell packages at the sale pages for more details but I think the FE is good enough.


We are all busy so my Desigy Template PRO Review will end here. I hope it brings you the good understanding about this product. As emphasized from the beginning, it will be a magical thing in designing when you are stuck with new ideas and don’t have much money to outsource.

People often don’t like template product because it gets saturated quickly but I believe this product will be the exception. The rest is how you experience it yourself.

Desigy Template PRO – Special Launch

You’re googling for a solution of low-price but high-conversion design? Congratulation! This Desigy Templates PRO Review will find you one.

Your Special Price:

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