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  • Easy to use
  • Drags and drops your media inside any videos
  • Well-designed, customizable templates
  • Smooth and unique transition effects
  • Contents for social media networks like Facebook or Instagram
  • Add logos, images, texts, and any forms of visual effects
  • Unlimited video length


  • No significant weakness

Hi everybody & welcome to Drag and Drop Videos Review by Ice Review.

First, I want to tell you that:

Videos are the best tool for driving traffic and gathering sales. A viral video can turn your fanbase from zero to millions in a short period. As a result, people, especially online marketers, build and upload new clips on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Reddit every day.

To stand out from the crowd, your contents need to be interesting, eye-catching, and impressive. Unfortunately, editing is a challenging and frustrating task. Some quality software like Adobe After Effect, or Nuke Studio creates stunning animations but can cost several thousand dollars and is hard to master. On the other hand, the cheap applications do not offer many features.

Drag and Drop Videos Review


If you are struggling with video creation; then, I have good news for you. A motion graphics editor called Drag and Drop Videos will be available shortly, and it allows you to make top-quality videos with a fraction of the cost. Keep reading my Drag and Drop Videos Review, you can find more details about it in the next sections.

Drag and Drop Videos Review – Overview

CreatorMax Rylski
ProductDrag and Drop Videos
Launch Date2018-Jul-24
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Official websiteClick here
Front-End Price$47
BonusYES, My Drag and Drop Videos Bonus
SkillAll level
Refund30-day money back guarantee
Support Friendly & Effective
RecommendHighly recommend

What Is Drag and Drop Videos?

Drag and Drop Videos

Drag and Drop Videos is a composing application that allows the users to add motion graphics and digital visual effects in their videos. As the name suggests, the application is built upon drag-and-drop technology, meaning that the users can easily include new contents such as animation, texts, images, logos, etc. in their videos with some mouse movements. The software also provides the users a vast library of DFY effects.

Features & Benefit

Fully Cloud-based Video Maker

Most editing applications, including the premium ones like Adobe After Effects, Nuke Studios, Cinema 4D, and the free ones such as Fusion 8, Natron, require you to install them on your computer. As a consequence, you need expensive, high-specs PCs to use them as video editing and rendering are hardware-exhausting.

In contrast, Drag and Drop Videos works entirely on the powerful servers so that the users can make videos with most kinds of desktops or PCs. They also do not have to worry about the compatibilities with their OS.

Drag-and-drop Technology

This software aims to help people without editing skills to build quality, captivating videos with special motions. Therefore, it applies the drag-and-drop technology extensively. Each video is like a canvas, and you can use your mouse to drag different types of media like pictures, logos, watermarks, texts, etc. and to drop them into it.

Well-designed DFY Templates

If you worry about your lacks of experience in video editing, Drag and Drop Videos can take care of that for you. The software has an extensive library of video templates that fit many niches. You just need to select a suitable video template and place your media in it.

Easy Customization

The users can customize the pre-made templates at will. For example, they can change the fonts, sizes, the orders of frames. They can also go to any points in the templates to add their contents.

Manipulate Multiple Scenes of Your videos

Drag and Drop Videos also offers a powerful feature which allows you to get multi-scene templates and rearrange them into one multi-scene video. You can combine or mix different elements from different scenes to create and unique clips that you want.

In addition, the application does not limit the length or the memory size of your clips. You users can even make several-hour-long movies.

Stunning Animation Effects

Even though Drag and Drop Videos costs a lot less than popular video editors, it allows the users to create graphics motions videos with the same levels of visual effects. With the help of Drag and Drop Videos, you can manipulate all kinds of animated effects including:

  • Monitor with 3D Animation
  • Smooth transition
  • Different media reveals such as 3D Smoke
  • Business office background
  • Animated intros and outros
  • Tutorial video templates
  • Contents that supports social media such as Facebook or Instagram

Features of Drag and Drop Videos

How Does It Work?

In my Drag and Drop Videos Review, this software focuses on ease of use. Thus, a complete newbie can master it within a few minutes by going through these simple steps:

Step 1: Pick a suitable template for your purposes

Drag and Drop Videos Work Step 1

There are over 1000 preformatted templates for almost all types of videos, just select the ones that fit your theme:

  • 3D animation
  • Social animation
  • Store ads
  • Business ad
  • Device mockups
  • Cinematic Slideshows
  • and more

Step 2: Drag and drop your contents inside the template

Drag and Drop Videos Work Step 2

Bring your images or videos just created or from your computer and drag them to clearly marked sections

Step 3: Copy and paste your text

Drag and Drop Videos Work Step 3

Copy or type your own text into the text placeholder. You can customize your text just entered: size, font, color, …

Step 4: Render video

Drag and Drop Videos Work Step 4

Click render and wait for your video to be published. Your video will be displayed in Full HD (1080p)

  • Super fast rendering (faster than applications in the cloud).
  • Real-time rendering.
  • Knowing exactly when your video was made.
  • Display multiple videos at once and as many videos as you want (no limit on the amount shown).

Available Options

 Drag and Drop Videos Software has a flexible pricing plan which allows you to choose the most suitable edition for easily. All versions are insured with 30 days of unconditional refunds.

Sales Funnel of Drag and Drop Videos

Front-end ($47)

Drag & Drop Videos with 200 Template Scenes and more than 1000 graphics assets.

OTO1 ($47)

Drag & Drop Videos Deluxe which gives 200 more template scenes and doubles the numbers of animation and visual effects

OTO2 ($47)

Huge addition of graphics with 1000 video special effects

OTO3 ($47)

250 Editable Niche Templates for 50 top niches.

OTO4 ($97 – $297)

You get the full license for distribution of the video and graphics assets (Note: the White License does not include the software itself)

Works With Video & Graphics App

If you already have another video editor you like? Do not worry too much because this tool works great with other video applications and even other graphical application.

1. Add videos you create in Drag and drop Videos to other video app

Drag and Drop Videos vs Video Robot

A simple example is that I created a simple video in this tool. Then I transferred this video to the Video Robot for the background. So you can combine these two tools perfectly.

2. Add images you create in other graphics app to your Drag and drop Videos

Drag and Drop Videos vs YouZign

Create some images in your favorite graphics editor and import them into Drag and Drop to turn those images into animated videos. Youzign is a pretty compatible image editor with this app.

3. Add videos you create in other video app to your Drag and drop Videos

Drag and Drop Videos vs EZ Magic Video

You can create all the videos from Explainer to Promo to 3D Animations and more: (Video Introduction, 3D Animation, Video Explained, Archived Video, Animated Text Animation, Business Ad, Glitch Slideshow , Clean Third Thirds, 2.5D Parallax, Mockups Device, Animation Title, Cinematic Photos Slideshow, Fancy Logo Revealed, Simple Logo & Clean Disclosure, Social Animation, Forward, Written Prize prefer). Everything is perfectly editable: change colors, fonts, sizes, move things around…

1,000+ Premium Video & Graphics

Through my Drag and Drop Videos Review, you can freely add your own photos, videos, logos to your templates and create videos for any topic you want. In the front-end package, the author gave you 200 sample scenes, 1,000+ video graphics

1. 100 movie HD movies

100 movie HD movies of Drag and drop Videos

A collection of 100 stock videos selected by hand. You will receive unmanned aerial footage, slow motion videos, slow video, human videos, sunset, city and more…

2. 100 Cutout People Files

100 Cutout People Files of Drag and drop Videos

With this collection, you will get 100 “cutout” photos, postures and different niches. Each image has a transparent background that can be added to any background color

3. 100 motion background HD

100 motion background HD of Drag and drop Videos

This is a collection of 100 high quality motion backgrounds. Use them as a wallpaper for your video explanation, video spokesperson, and more.

4. 50 animated subjects explain HD

50 animated subjects explain HD of Drag and drop Videos

50 high quality animation objects that you can optionally add to your video. All the models in this series are composed by a top animator

How Can Drag and Drop Videos Improve Content Marketing?

Cost-effective and Easy to Use

Traditional video editors such as Nuke Studios or Adobe After Effect charge several thousand dollars to for one license, not to mention the users must own top-of-the-line hardware to use them.

If your budget does not allow you to afford them, Drag and Drop Videos may be an attractive alternative. This software helps a wide range of users to make stunning and custom videos with only a few dozen dollars in expenses.

Innovative Video Editor with an Enormous Library

With the drag-and-drop technology, you can edit and customize videos like a pro designer in no time. The application also shows its aim for marketing contents as it provides a vast library of templates and graphics. They assets match several niches and usages.


With more than 14 years experience in graphic design. Max Rylski has created the hottest products in the Internet marketing space. Previous products have sold over 1,000 sales for each product.

With good quality and features, most customers love their products. I hope that Drag and Drop Videos will be loved by everyone because of the outstanding features that it brings.

  • Versions of the previous Video Makers have sold 1,000 copies and have a refund rate below 2%.

Drags and drop Videos Proof

  • Versions of Marketing Graphics previously sold over 20,000 Front-End copies and also had a refund rate of less than 1%.

Drags and drop Videos Proof 1


In my opinion, Drag and Drop Videos gives marketers an affordable but powerful option for video marketing. Instead of spending several thousand dollars on costly software and hardware or struggling with free, limited applications, you can get the best of both worlds.

With only a few bucks, you can make captivating and viral videos for any purposes, from product launches to online training. This software can realize your imagination and bring new improvements to your career. Hope you enjoy my Drag and Drop Videos Review, thank you for reading!


Drag and Drop Videos – Special Launch Discount

High-quality video editing software can cost a fortune. However, a brand-new motion graphic app called Drag and Drop Videos is ready to cure your headache. Read my Drag and Drop Videos Review to discover Capable and Cost-Effective Animation Video Software

Regular Price  $297 , Your Special Price:

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