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  • Refined emails, good content.
  • Provide in multiple formats.
  • Low price.


  • Not any cons.

Building a list isn’t an easy thing but keeping it active and not being cold is much more difficult. But it seems to be the fact usually happening. After much effort to build the funnel, draw leads to the squeeze page and convince them to opt in, many of us fail to keep them really ours.

In this Email Fire 2 Review, I will introduce a package of email sequence to draw your leads’ attention again, like you used to win to catch their eyes before to get their emails.

The frequent problem is you get a new list and they don’t know you, so of course, they likely don’t trust you, or you have a list which has been forgotten for a long time without saying Hello! Both of these situations turn your lists into the cold and irresponsive ones.

Learn to make the change with this product!

Email Fire 2 Review

Quick Overview Of Email Fire 2 

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What is Email Fire 2 about?

This is the next version of Email Fire which was launched early in 2018. This Email Fire 2 will be launched in the next few days with the similar structure. The product will contain an email sequence lasting in 5 weeks to warm up your cold lists.

Therefore, the core value of this product is about email writing and content in email marketing.  It is more like a pack of email templates to send to your leads and provoke them again. The stories written in the mails are refined to better your rapport, increase click rate and improve the engagement.

With a good email, you normally have to hire a copy writer charging you letter by letter. So you may ask who this writer is to give you a pack of email and guarantee they can light up your cold lists.

My Email Fire 2 Review will quickly take you to the author of this product now!

The Author of Email Fire 2

Kam Jennings

Kam Jennings (or you can know him by the name Kam Fatz or Zero Fatz) is the author of this Email Fire series. In the email marketing alone, he has the experience of roughly 7-8 years with highly-converting emails.

He doesn’t launch products, not because of he runs out of ideas, but to avoid the quick saturation and to analyze the success and failure of every launch before creating a new one, which’s the reason I like him.

This is not a large software or a big launch but after my Email Fire 2 Review, I believe you will think like me, this product is one of his home runs.

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What’s Benefit You Get With Email Fire 2?

  • Email sequence in 5 weeks

This is exactly the main content of this product. These are the unique emails including the funny stories to draw the attention but also actionable message to trigger your leads. The emails are written by the professional content creator and email writer.

The well-written content can build authority and increase engagement, as well as the click through list. The stories are looped in another so you can measure exactly if they impact the audience. Not only can they build rapport, the mails are the way you categorize the list again based on their reaction and performance.

  • Different formats to leverage

The package will come with a welcoming video by Kam and the zip files containing all your emails. The mails are available in multiple formats: pdf, docx, odt, rtf). Also, you will get the license agreement that this product is for your personal use only, no reselling allowed.

  • Story telling content in 5 weeks

Throughout the 5 weeks, Email Fire 2 doesn’t only use the story telling to appeal your leads but to teach you in 5 areas:

  • Week 1: Building An Email List
  • Week 2: Email Marketing
  • Week 3: Content Creation
  • Week 4: Continuity Programs
  • Week 5: Traffic
  • 50 videos of IM quick tips

You will receive the links and each video lasts about 5 minutes. It’s precisely the quick tips in short videos with small tricks to help you do better at digital marketing, not a specified niche, just the tips from the actual practice from the developers.

How To Use Email Fire 2

You may think it’s just easy to receive the package, arrange them to fit your campaign and hit “send” button. But I suggest you not.

As said above in this Email Fire 2 Review, you get the personal license only. Therefore, the best way to leverage it is to create your own email, based on what’s included and taught in this product. By this way, you can totally own the email of your own.

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Who Should Use Email Fire 2?

Email writing is absolutely an inseparable part so I assume this should be a product for every digital marketer.

But what’s more is you can use the charming story in the emails for your list in social media as well. If you are a writing freelancer, there’s not much doubt buying this package.  The price is pretty affordable.

For content creator at beginning level, this is the chance you learn from the expert: how to twist the words, name the title, etc.

Price and Evaluation

The price for Email Fire 2 is only $11. I think it’s the real deal for anyone. With $10, you can only buy some stuff, or it’s even not enough for an L-sized pizza, but you can get 5-week email. Even with small local business owners, this is a reasonable and affordable price.


Traffic and list building are your first steps in a campaign. If you already do it right, why waste the third step of taking care the leads and let them into cold lists? Email Fire 2 may not be the perfect solution for all targeted leads but I assure you can get benefits out of it.

Lastly, many thanks for checking my Email Fire 2 Review. Hope it light you up!

Email Fire 2 – Special Launch

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Email Fire 2 Bonus Pakage

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97 Done For You Email Templates (Value $97)

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Bonus #14:

Lynda – Email and Newsletter Marketing Foundations

Lynda – Email and Newsletter Marketing Foundations

Bonus #15:

Email Riches Blueprint (Value $47)

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101 Red Hot Email Subject Lines (Value $27)

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Bonus #19:

4,203 Email Swipes (Value $19)

4,203 Email Swipes


Bonus #20:

Email Marketing Mastery (Value $17)

Email Marketing Mastery

Bonus #21:

Email Marketing Decoded (Value $15)

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Step #2: 

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