FB Audience Blaster 3.0 Review – Best Way To Find customers!

FB Audience Blaster 3.0 Review

You want to find a large number of people that willing to buy from you without breaking a sweat? Then take a look at my FB Audience Blaster 3.0 Review!

FB Audience Blaster 3.0 Review


Ever since Facebook became one of the most popular social networks in the world, it has been crowded with marketers. But doing marketing on Facebook comes with both pros and cons. It’s true that the chance of you finding customers is high. However, the chance of you running into rivals is also about the same level.

Therefore, if you wish to overpass all of them, you will need some strategies. The best way to survive on Facebook is to find as many people willing to buy from you as possible. But how? Not to worry, I have the perfect solution here. You just need to use FB Audience Blaster 3.0! Please check out the rest of my FB Audience Blaster 3.0 Review to find out how it works.

FB Audience Blaster 3.0 Review – Overview

  • Creator: Thomas Lee
  • Product: FB Audience Blaster 3.0
  • Launch Date: 2017-Nov-13
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Skill: All Levels
  • Front-End Price: $67-$97
  • Homepage: FB Audience Blaster 3.0 Official Site
  • Niche: Software
  • Bonus: Yes, FB Audience Blaster 3.0 Bonus
  • Refund: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Strongly Recommend
  • Support: Friendly & Effective

What is FB Audience Blaster 3.0?

FB Audience Blaster 3.0

FB Audience Blaster 3.0 is a brand new software that can help you simplify the process of targeting customers. You are wondering how? Simply put, it will do everything, and in every way possible. It can let you search for fan pages or groups by keywords; collect customer’s information through the likes and shares they make; retrieve valid email address from fan pages’ owners, and so on. Moreover, the whole process is automatic, so you don’t have to manhandle anything.

Normally, to get people on Facebook to acknowledge you and your products, you will have to go through several tasks. You need to know exactly what to invest in and where to advertise it. If you pick the wrong thing and wrong place, you will end up receiving the cold shoulder, and also, no profit. By using FB Audience Blaster 3.0, you can easily avoid this and can still find a large number of customers in the shortest time.

You are worrying that your lack of technical skill might prevent you to fully exploit the software? No need for that either! FB Audience Blaster 3.0 contains special guidelines that can help you understand every part of it. Even if you are just a newbie in the marketing field, you can still master it in no time!

About Author

Lee Thomas

Lee Thomas is a well-known software developer who has spent a long time working in the field. Though FB Audience Blaster 3.0 is the only software he published on Jvzoo, a lot of people enjoy making profit with it.

Features & Benefits

1. Automatically Search & Extract Fanpages’ Owner Info

By using FB Audience Blaster 3.0, you will get the chance to discover all of the websites that are willing to be your customers. You just need to enter a keyword into the software’s search tool, and within minutes you can receive the information of all the pages involving the word.

2. Automatically Extract Groups’ Member Info

With this feature, from now on, you won’t have to waste time finding consumers in Facebook Group anymore. FB Audience Blaster 3.0 and its automatic system will take care of this. The software will help you extract the information of all the members in every group you join. It works well on both public and private group. Moreover, you don’t even have to be a member of the group to get the info.

3. Automatically Delete Unnecessary Things

If FB Audience Blaster 3.0 comes across a fake, duplicated or invalid personal contact, it will immediately remove it at once.

4. Special Tutorials

If you cannot make FB Audience Blaster 3.0 work properly, please take a look at the step-by-step tutorials of every feature in the help section.

5. Exclusive Bonuses

This is perhaps the part that everybody looks forward to when reading about a new product. Well, if you decide to purchase FB Audience Blaster 3.0 right now, you will be able to bring home several things that can lead to your success in the future. For examples, you will be able to receive the list of 200 most popular keywords in every niche, 700 email subject lines from professional marketers, 10 psychological theories to persuade people, and so on.

How Does It Work?

FB Audience Blaster 3.0 will be ready to work for you after just a few simple steps. Please check out these demo videos to fully understand how it functions.

  • How to extract customer’s contact information
  • How to extract list Facebook ID
  • How to extract list post ID in Fanpage
  • How to work with Facebook UID

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Require no prior experience
  • Automatic system
  • Lots of features
  • Professional appearance
  • Several unique bonuses


  • There is none so far

Personal Experience

As my FB Audience Blaster 3.0 Review has stated from the beginning, this is a must-have for those that are working online. With it, you will be able to target lots of people that willing to buy from you and make money from that list like crazy! And maybe before you realize it, you have become one of the top vendors on Facebook!

Trust me; I have been working with FB Audience Blaster 3.0 for a while. And ever since, money has been knocking on my door like crazy! You should consider giving it a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Price & Evaluation

You only have to pay $37-$97, depending on the package you choose. For something that can help you squeeze money out of Facebook, I think this is the lowest deal you can find on the market.

But if you want to get FB Audience Blaster 3.0, you should hurry up because this is just a temporary price. After the end of the first launch, it will certainly hike up.



This is the end of the review! I hope it gave you a lot of useful information. Now, you have known everything about the software that can help you skyrocket your income like a true expert. So what are you waiting for? Its price will increase soon so go and get one now!

Last but not least, thank you for reading my FB Audience Blaster 3.0 Review!

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