GDPR Suite Review – What is GDPR and how to adjust your sites?

GDPR Suite Review






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  • Fully GDPR complaint.
  • Design and edit your notification box.
  • Preview features.
  • Short codes generated.
  • WP sites custom made.
  • Enable per country.


  • Dime sale with an increasing price.

Welcome to my GDPR Suite Review!

You may already hear of the GDPR and its content. In short, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law about data privacy protection in which individuals have more rights with their own data and the businesses will need consensus to collect, store and use those data. The penalty can result in is 4% of global annual revenue or 20 million, whichever is greater.

The data can be the personal contact like phone, email or IP address. GDPR can find and ban the WP sites with its penalties.

So how can you change your site to adopt this new rule?

This question can be answered with a new plugin in this review. If you are searching for a new product which frees you from any issues, I suggest you read until the end.

As a specified plugin for WP site to cope with the new regulation, GDPR Suite has all the features to take care of the 8 main basic rights within GDPR.

Does it sound interesting to you? Let’s explore!

GDPR Suite Review

Overview of GDPR Suite

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What is GDPR Suite?

GDPR Suite is a plugin made for WP sites which helps your site GDPR compliant. The plugin deals with generating the form and pop-up to notify visitors about the cookies which will be used to collect and store data.  Moreover, it opens the code, allowing visitors to request for their data rectification and deletion.

Moreover, it also helps users to with the privacy and terms page and cookie setup at all pages. You will be able to connect with your visitors directly from the plugin on your sites. For eCom stores or retargeting campaigns, it’s totally significant to have it on.

With this GDPR Suite Review, you will know more about its creator in the next part.

About the creator of GDPR Suite

Able Chika

Able Chika is a popular marketing expert with his sense of catching the trends in the community. GDPR Suite is also a proof for his talent in welcoming the new changes in marketing. Before officially launching, GDPR Suite has already been developed and run on tests and trials for about nearly half of a year.

He has other products about marketing which gain their fan base with its real result in long-term rather than as a quickly-saturated tool, such as eMartHub Builder, eMart Apprec and eCom Launcher.

Next in this GDPR Suite Review is where we expose the most benefits you need to note down before buying it.

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Key Benefits From GDPR Suite

  • Easy to use and custom made for WP site

The dashboard of GDPR Suite is so easy and understandable, even with newbies. The first tab you see will be the introduction about GDPR and its main basic rights which your sites have to obey. This is a plugin for WP, the most popular host right now, so it’s can be the choice for almost all marketers.

  • Completely GDPR compliant in 8 basic rights

GDPR Suite helps your site go completely GDPR compliant with the 8 basic rights of individuals in GDPR:

  • The right to access: allow your visitors to access their collected data.
  • The right to be forgotten: allow your visitors to request their data to be forgotten and deleted. The user can choose to forget WP comments, WP pots and WP user data.
  • One right to data portability: visitors can send the request and you will connect them to the holding place with their data, full access.
  • Two right to be informed: your leads get informed instantly when entering your sites, before data is collected.
  • Three right to have information corrected: your users are allowed to send the request to rectify their data to correct the wrong obsolete data.
  • Four right to restrict processing: if your users want their data to be stored only, they can send the request to you to do.
  • Five right to object: your data recording will stop if the users require so
  • Six right to be notified: if there is a data breach which goes against their consensus, users will be notified within 72 hours as per required by GDPR.
  • Active per country

The GDPR is applied to European website, clients, and third-party partners. Therefore, if you want not to bother other clients, you can turn off the cookie popup or other consensus forms. GDPR Suite allows users to choose the country it will activate.

  • Generate shortcodes automatically

Shortcodes give you the shortcuts to do many things without much effort. GDPR Suite will automatically generate the shortcodes to embed in your pages easily and neatly. You don’t need to code with complicated links.

  • Freely use and customize the notification bar

The system provides you with the templates of the form to customize and edit. Users can design the notification box with text, content, color and headlines.

  • Advanced cookie privacy options

Visitors can see what types of cookies they will agree (all cookies, analysis and marketing cookies, advertisement cookies, etc.). The more details you make it clear, the higher the authority your website will earn.

How to use GDPR Suite

Check the GDPR Suite demo video with full details below:

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Who should use GDPR Suite?

If you don’t’ want to risk your sites with a 20-million penalty, you really should install a data privacy processor into your sites. Check out below in my GDPR Suite Review the recommended users of this plugin:

  • Website marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • SEO experts
  • Bloggers
  • Social media marketer
  • eCom site marketers

Price and Evaluations

The price for the front-end version will be $24. The discrepancy in price depends on the time you purchase because this plugin is sold on a dime sale. The initial price is really acceptable to me, so I will suggest you buy it sooner with a lower price.

You may still be considering and hesitating but since GDPR is officially valid, the sooner you buy, the better it can be to avoid fine and improve your sites.

You can also consider the upgrade for this plugin:

  • GDPR Suite: $24 >>More details<<
  • GDPR Suite PRO: $37
  • GDPR Suite Developer License: $67
  • GDPR Suite White label Right: $247

Last Thoughts,

In this GDPR Suite Review, I tried to help you understand all the benefits of this plugin. It’s not a GDPR compliant plugin only to obey the law. Instead, the developer also adds some nifty features for more convenience, which I like most.

In conclusion, if it was just a tool showing a mono notification to your visitors about the cookie, I would recommend it. So, I hope you grab all of its features to get all the benefits.

So it becomes a fact that a video converts much more a simple writing post or image. Whether it’s the video you spend days creating or the one you curate from other sources, big congrats you make it until here. After having your video content, what you should do next is to check whether it’s going the right way.

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