9 Ways To Create High Quality Backlinks

Hi there and welcome to my site. On the topic of how to have an effective backlink, have you ever asked the question: How to get high quality backlinks yet? Or you just create backlink as a habit to website to the top, because that is what the company assigned to you. Or simply for profit that lost its inherent value. You would think this debate would be over but it seems there are still some people arguing about what real backlink quality is. So in this article I would like to share more about a few factors to be able to confirm: what is a high quality backlinks?


Characteristics of  high quality backlinks

You should remember that good links may still fail to meet some standards. However, you should do well to stick with the quality guidelines because it will keep your site safe and also more effective. Although this article I am primarily referring to editorial links but these nine standards can be applied to the type of contextual links as individual blog networks.

 1. Relevance of the site

Getting relevant links to your site is considered quality link building. It is also one of the best ways to avoid being influenced by Google Penguin. A relevant combination is the ideal situation. For example, for us, getting links from specific SEO websites will produce the best results. But is this always done? – Obviously not. That’s why it’s important for you to broaden your links into more general polls. With that, I prioritize my potential clients based on relevance.

So, phase 1 of my affiliate link just focuses on the most relevant websites on SEO. Then I will go into Phase 2 which targets the most relevant websites related to marketing. For stage 3, I will expand to business websites.

However, let’s give some reasons for the prospects in these three topics, then I will expand into the business and be able to improve myself. That is the point where you want to concentrate your initial effort on the most relevant link sources before expanding.

Keep in mind that there are exceptions when it comes to the relevancy level of your site. For example, links from social media, business directories and even a few traditional directories can still be considered “quality” although relevance is not strong.

2. Page level relevance

You now have a good list of web pages that are relevant to you. The second element of “good quality backlink” is the page level relevance. Basically, the links around your content must be relevant to the content on your site.

Site-level and page-level examples are called relevant if my blog links to my anchor text. Yes, if it does, it is too perfect, but it usually does not happen. Here are some examples of what you should and should not do:

  • SEO blog anchor text article -> anchor text article = Most effective
  • SEO blog + general SEO article -> anchor text article = Effective
  • SEO blog + cat training article -> anchor text article = Barely effective (only because of site-level relevancy)
  • Cat training blog + cat training article -> anchor text article = Ineffective / You’re wasting your time… what are you doing?

3. Domain Authority

If you follow the previous steps then you need to have a list of relevant prospects. But now, you will want to categorize potential customers based on the Domain Authority (DA). Therefore, some sites display weak or inflated projects because Open Site Explorer has not updated the index or recrawled your site. But to be honest, it’s still a way of determining the strength of a domain.


You should categorize your potential links based on Topical Trust Flow and Domain Authority. Some people prefer to target their first sites to lower authority sites because of its easier access. This is a good approach but I just like getting high authority links as quickly as possible as they generate faster results.

4. Context

This is pretty clear based on the examples I gave above but the links in the content also known as contextual links are the strongest. Aligned links alone can be effective but it will be imperfect and weak compared to contextual links. If you decide to use single links, make sure they meet the site’s standards and match the page level and all other external links that are relevant to you.

5. Quality Content

This is a topic that many people often mention but the actual quality of the linked content is very important. It must be a grammatical developmental article and comply with spelling rules. Most importantly, the article should be provided value to the reader.

Tips: High value content = many social and affiliate = more authority for your link.

6. Outbound Links Fit

At any time you also get relevant contextual links, it must be surrounded by other relevant external links. The right outbound links increase the trust of the sites that link to you and eventually it will increase your link’s trust. You should avoid linking to low quality websites.

If you are publishing on legitimate sites with a good editorial process then it is a good opportunity to get consistent and relevant outbound links. However, if you are publishing on sites that are built only for guest posts or public blog networks then you will see it’s like spamming outbound links.

7. Anchor Text

Google still holds a fairly large weight with anchors keyword as long as they are used sparingly. Here I am explaining at the anchor rate but you really should not exceed 1% anchor text. Focus on branded anchors and incorporate a few keyword rich anchors and then you will rank.

8. IP Address

This should be clear but the site that you are getting a link needs should be different from your IP address. You want to have multiple unique IP that can link to your site.

9. Traffic Referral

A legitimate link should have at least some referral traffic to your site. This is really the only time Alexa rank to play. If you are trying to drive traffic through your referral link then you should favorably look at your affiliate links based on Alexa rank. Typically, referral traffic is the highest number of conversions you’ll receive.

Tips: Limit backlinks back homepage but should point backlink on each article page with relevant content.


Summarize this article, backlinks building is a long process. It requires patience, persistence and care. If you build backlinks so fast, Google will put your website on the spam list and you can fly out of the search results. So when building backlinks we should consider and avoid backlink building too fast, focus on quality rather than quantity. Apply my 9 criteria to get high quality backlinks to maintain rankings for your site.

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