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Social marketing has always been one of the best ways to drive traffic. People have used social media as the main way to communicate and keep in touch, which makes it a valuable pool of traffic for marketers.

However, as more and more people join the field, it has become harder and harder for marketers to drive traffic than it used to be. Therefore, Kevin Hafey has developed an upgrade called IM Checklist V13 to help inexperienced marketers, especially newbies to know exactly what they are doing.

Let’s keep reading this IM Checklist V13 Review to find out more about this newly launched product. Let’s start now!

IM Checklist V13 Review

IM Checklist V13 Overview

CreatorKevin Fahey
ProductIM Checklist V13
Launch Date2019-Jan-01
Launch Time09:00 EDT
Official websiteClick here
Front-End Price$17
BonusYES, My IM Checklist V13 Bonus below
SkillAll level
Refund30-day money back guarantee
Support Friendly & Effective
RecommendHighly recommend

What Is It?

IM Checklist V13 is basically a PDF file which includes many digital marketing checklists. Many people would reckon that IM Checklist V13 is a training course, it is not, however. Specifically, it is a checklist from experienced marketers showing you steps to follow to make it right.

Besides, the package also includes checklists about social media including Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.

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About the Creator – Kevin Fahey

Kevin Fahey

Kevin Fahey is known for working in the industry for a while. During this time, he has gathered a huge amount of experience that not anyone can gather in one night.

With great expertise in many aspects, Kevin has launched a lot of products on JVZoo including PLR Bundle Deals Volume 1, IM Checklist Vol.3, IM Emails and so much more.

Now, let’s switch to the next part of the IM Checklist V13 Review to find out more about the checklists!

Feature Details

  • 18 step-by-step checklists that anyone can benefit from, even newbies!
  • Make money online with bloggings
  • Make money online selling E-books
  • Make money online creating videos
  • Make money online selling photos
  • Make money online with JustAsk
  • Make money online with Etsy
  • Make money online with Craigslist
  • Make money online with Surveys
  • Make money online with Voice Overs
  • Make money online with Tonula
  • Make money online with Swagbucks
  • Make money online with InboxPound
  • Make money online with Fiverr
  • Make money online as an affiliate
  • Make money online selling your old products
  • Make money online with User Testing
  • Make money online with Amazon Me

As you can see, this upgraded version covers a lot more checklist than any other version of IM Checklist. If you just started your business and are searching for clues to get going, perhaps IM Checklist V13 is a must-try.

Who Should Use It?

As you can probably guess, IM Checklist V13 is designed for anyone even newbies. If you are a new marketer who wishes to take immediate action and deliver results, then IM Checklist V13 is for you.

Also, IM Checklist V13 is very helpful in driving traffic from social media. Unlike any other course which may overwhelm you with theories, IM Checklist V13 will only bring practical lessons that can be applied right away.

Personal Experience

If you ask me about IM Checklist, well, this is an amazing choice for marketers to upgrade their business in the easiest way. If you start to get used to how it works and wonder how to deliver results, IM Checklist V13 is created for you.

These kinds of checklists will show you what you should do when facing a particular issue. Everything will be extremely organized so that you can understand at first glance.

I have tried IM Checklist V1 and V2 and I must say that this V13 version is the best of all. It covers more topics that are trending on the Internet at this point. IM Checklist V13 will be everything you get ahead of the game.

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Evaluation and Price

The checklist Ken shows you are the results of 10 years in the business. Anyone, regardless of their experience and skill, will benefit to some extent when looking at IM Checklist V13. Let’s recap what benefits you can get from IM Checklist V13:

  • Drive traffic

Well, that is the most obvious benefit, right? Kevin illustrates very clearly ways to maximize traffic from social media without investing a huge sum of cash.

  • Create blog posts

If you are searching for a way to make money online without having too much technical knowledge, then you may want to consider this.

  • DFY product ideas

This is one of my favorite. Every checklist covers a specific topic, which gives you lots of ideas about what products you may want to start developing. Coming up with product ideas are the hardest part and it has already been done for you.

You can get access to the whole package for only $17, which is the best deal you have ever had at this point. The price may double after the launch date so in case you want to get it, you had better hurry!


IM Checklist V13 is a comprehensive checklist compiled by an experienced marketer and product creator in the field. To those who are struggling to grow your business, you may want to take a quick look at the product and decide whether or not it would fit you. Be wise!

If you have made up your mind to get IM Checklist V13, Let’s take action immediately. Time is running out.

Thank you for following my IM Checklist V13 Review. I wish you further successes. Goodbye!

IM Checklist V13 – Special Launch

This IM Checklist V13 Review reveals a spectacular product that is going to change your life. Let’s dig deeper to find out more!

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IM Checklist V13 Bonus Pakage

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InstaClient Academy (Value $1997)

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Avenik Instagram Course (Value $997)

Avenik Instagram Course

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Smart Social Live (Value $997)

Smart Social Live

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Fan Page Profit System (Value $997)

Fan Page Profit System

Bonus #5:

AffiliateTuber (Value $297)


Bonus #6:

FB Playbook Course (Value $297)

FB Playbook Course

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The Fan Page Funnel Report (Value $97)

The Fan Page Funnel Report

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Funnelize (Value $37)


Bonus #9:

The Pin Code 3.0 (Value $67)

The Pin Code 3.0

Bonus #10:

3 Tiers to Dominate FB Marketing (Value $30)

3 Tiers to Dominate FB Marketing

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Pinterest Affiliate Explosion (Value $27)

Pinterest Affiliate Explosion

Bonus #12:

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PinPower Post

Bonus #13:

Facebook Auto Pages (Value $17)

Facebook Auto Pages

Bonus #14:

Viral Venum Instagram Mastery

Viral Venum Instagram Mastery

Bonus #15:

The 100k Blueprint

The 100k Blueprint

Bonus #16:

Funnel First (Value $17)

Funnel First

Bonus #17:

Affiliate Revival (Value $17)

Affiliate Revival

Bonus #18:

Super Affiliate Plus (Value $5)

Super Affiliate Plus

Bonus #19:

Zamurai Video Immersion (Value $997)

Zamurai Video Immersion

Bonus #20:

CoverActionPro 3.0 (Value $297)

CoverActionPro 3.0

Bonus #21:

Video Hero (Value $199)

Video Hero

Bonus #22:

The Awakening (Value $97)

The Awakening

Bonus #23:

The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint (Value $49)

The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint

Bonus #24:

Whiteboard Video Fortune Prospecting (Value $47)

Whiteboard Video Fortune Prospecting

Bonus #25:

Decinema Virality (Value $18)

Decinema Virality

Bonus #26:

Youtube Marketing Excellence (Value $27)

Youtube Marketing Excellence

Bonus #27:

Viral Video System (Value $27)

Viral Video System

Bonus #28:

Maggazzine 2 (Value $12)

Maggazzine 2

Bonus #29:

Awesome Meme Caption Kit (Value $17)

Awesome Meme Caption Kit

Bonus #30:

PixelCover (Value $27)


Bonus #31:

DigiProduct Quotes V2 (Value $17)

DigiProduct Quotes V2

Bonus #32:

Giant Marketing King (Value $17)

Giant Marketing King

Bonus #33:

The Productivity Project (Value $21)

The Productivity Project

Bonus #34:

Instant Traffic Funnel ( Value $47)

Instant Traffic Funnel

Bonus #35:

Dynamic Mobile SEO Dollars ( Value $197)

Dynamic Mobile SEO Dollars

Bonus #36: 

Authority SEO – The Complete Package ( Value $497)

Authority SEO – The Complete Package

Bonus #37: 

Modern Day Black Hat SEO ( Value $99)

Modern Day Black Hat SEO

Bonus #38: 

SEO Domination ( Value $100)

SEO Domination

Bonus #39: 

OnPage Mastery ( Value $127)

OnPage Mastery

Bonus #40:

Scientific Rankings ( Value $15)

Scientific Rankings

Bonus #41:

The Golden Traffic Source

The Golden Traffic Source

Bonus #42: 

Hyper Traffic Breakthrough ( Value $29)

Hyper Traffic Breakthrough

Bonus #43:

Traffic Intensive ( Value $197)

Traffic Intensive

Bonus #44: 

EZ Traffic Blueprint ( Value $27)

EZ Traffic Blueprint

Bonus #45:

Traffic & Conversion Notes 2018 ( Value $49)

Traffic & Conversion Notes 2018

Bonus #46:

0 To 10k Visitors in Only 40 Days ( Value $17)

0 To 10k Visitors in Only 40 Days

Bonus #47:

Organic Traffic Secrets ( Value $97)

Organic Traffic Secrets

Bonus #48:

Insta Traffic Mastery

Insta Traffic Mastery

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