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LiveCaster 3 Review






Easy To Use







  • Stream on FB, YouTube and external RTMP pages.
  • Stream multiple video at the same time.
  • Set up the frame rate for different devices.
  • Highly secure and protective.


  • Require complicated API when sign up.
  • Only have computer version.

You may have heard of it already, the one and only verified software allowed by FB to streaming on the blue platform. And we will explore its only-but-one power feature in my LiveCaster 3 Review today.

Warning! You are losing millions of dollars!

Yes! That’s right! You are wasting the unlimited traffic source on social media and thousands of the sales are closed before born. Why?

I’m talking about the streaming feature on FB and YouTube. You may sigh in relief and talk to yourself that your streaming videos still convert. But are they really be used at the best capacity. Or are you getting the most benefits from the streaming feature?

How many times you re-watch your videos and wish you would do better? Or how many times you make clumsy blunders while going live? That’s embarrassing! But don’t worry anymore, this software will be the key to get rid of all the fails and get the best use of this traffic-magnet feature.

LiveCaster 3 Review

Live Caster 3 Overview

CreatorCyril Jeet
ProductLivecaster 3
Launch Date2018-Dec-10
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Official websiteClick here
Front-End Price$37
BonusYES, My Livecaster 3 Bonus
SkillAll level
Refund30-day money back guarantee
Support Friendly & Effective
RecommendHighly recommend

What is it?

LiveCaster 3 is a desktop software which helps you to broadcast your videos at FB, YouTube and any RTMP sites. It allows users the ability to go live with pre-recorded videos from your PC at ease. This product gives the administrators the ability to fully customize and prepare the videos before streaming.

Users can rest assured while syncing theirs accounts with LiveCaster 3 because this app is 100% supported and verified by FB. With this system, the videos are freely set up, scheduled and customized to be suitable with multiple devices, optimizing the display of the video and reaching out to all audience.

As the developer said this product had only one function and it did it very well. My LiveCaster 3 Review will analyze its ability in driving traffic and convert sales in social media.

Who is the developer?

Cyril Jeet

You can surely believe in this product when seeing the Teknik Force brand. Particularly, this app is developed by Cyril Jeet. He has launched many products about social media and traffic in crossing niches such as TweetPush, Play Traffic, Mobiflux.

With LiveCaster 3, it has been bug fixed, developed and re-launched 3 times with this version because of the convenient and efficient system. The software is a great tool in managing the live videos for engagement and reach.

Outstanding Features & Benefits of LiveCaster 3

  • User friendly and ease of using for all level users

LiveCaster 3 still remains the simple dashboard with main tabs and tools. First time users can know how to use it quickly without checking for a tutorial. This is a big bonus for local businesses or low-tech users. The effortless interface is also the reason it’s an apply-in-the-eye of marketers who have to multi-task with many apps at one.

  • Broadcast unlimited pre-recorded high quality video to drive unlimited traffic

This is the most prominent thing on LiveCaster 3. Instead of an incident-potential video, you can prepare and film your videos, prepare them carefully before putting on show. No more worry about the fails or the shameful incidents. Or you can take any videos to attract your audience. LiveCaster 3 put no limits on the number as well as the source of the videos, as long as you have them on your PC.

  • Streaming on FB, YouTube and RTMP sites

In this third version, users can go live on FB accounts in form of pages and personal accounts. The streaming is available for YouTube accounts as well. These are the most popular social platforms right now so you can take advantage of the large pool of users. The RTMP sites are also the places for you to broadcast the videos to reach the audience.

  • Simultaneous broadcast multiple videos without log in and out

Multiple videos can be played from LiveCaster 3 without a conflict or issue. Moreover, the videos from different accounts or pages can be managed at the same time. You don’t need to go on and off between the accounts to change or stop the videos.

  • Freely edit the video set up to customize viewers

One more unique feature from plain FB platform is the ability to edit the video. LiveCaster 3 allows users to set the frame rate and bit rate of the video. Not all of your viewers can get the good connection, therefore, a smaller bit rate will help them receive your messages in the videos better without interruption.

  • Schedule videos to get organic peak-time traffic

Scheduling is one of the most powerful tools inside LiveCaster 3. Users have the ability to schedule the videos at specific time points. Next, they can even schedule to play videos in a loop time. You can leverage the peak time when your pages have the most traffic at different time zones. LiveCaster 3 supports many time zones to set up in each scheduled period.

  • Reports and trackers on the videos

LiveCaster 3 has 2 tabs you can use for tracking and controlling the videos. The Finished tab includes all the videos played successfully and the details about accounts, time, … The Log Report will list all the videos and its current status. If the video failed to stream, you can check the reason here as well.

  • 100% secured and verified app

Verified by FB, this product is totally reliable without leaking your personal information and credit card number. You won’t need to worry about one day waking up and finding out the pages you invested with effort and money go up in the air like a balloons or get banned by FB.

Guideline & How To Use

LiveCaster 3 is a simple product with no difficulty using. Please check the demo video in the link below if you want to watch it but I’m sure it’s a piece of cake. Watch LiveCaster 3 Demo Video below:

Visit Official Website & Get Premium Bonus Package Below

And here is LiveCaster 3 Teaser:

Who Should Use it?

LiveCaster 3 is a great video-launching app if you want to optimize your SEO on social media with live videos. Millions of the revenue is waiting for you to collect outside after reading this LiveCaster 3 Review. Grab it now if you are:

  • Local businesses owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • E-commerce
  • Product vendors
  • Online marketers

Price and Evaluation

The FE package of LiveCaster 3 is priced at $37 with all the mentioned features above. With $67 you will get the Pro Upgrade with some extended features. You can check out the details at the sales page. I think the price is acceptable for a verified app instead of using a cheap rule-bending tool.

– Commercial and agency license for local marketers, VPS license for live casting, agency site with Paypal integration.

– Unlimited FB pages/profiles and YouTube channels.

– 50 overlays and lower-third graphics pack.

– And more other features…

Selling LiveCaster accounts and keeps 100% profit

Create video blogs autopilot on free platforms (WordPress, Blogger)

Build list with FB Messenger and send the direct messages to them.


In conclusion, LiveCaster 3 is a great tool in managing the live videos on social platforms. Videos are the traffic magnet to audience. The better thing is it helps you reach out to every potential audience, minimizing the SEO or paid reach, increasing the engagement, driving the traffic and converting into real sales, ALL ORGANIC!

This is all for my LiveCaster 3 Review, hope this help! Bye!

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