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  • Over 200 ‘Pro-level’ Logo Templates
  • Assorted in 20 ‘High-In-Demand’ Niches
  • With Developers License Option
  • In Both PSD and PNG Formats
  • Editing- Tutorial Video Included


  • Need skill in using graphics software if you want to redesign your logo in your own way

Welcome back to my my LogoBiz Review! There is a truth that…

A logo is one of the most important parts of your brand. It helps to visualize the image in the customer’s mind. If you have an expressive and well-designed logo, there is a good chance your customers will spend more time on your website. A logo is something that distinguishes your business from others.

However, creating a logo, especially a well-designed logo is not easy at all. It requires a lot of thinking, effort and designing skills as well. If you are a newbie, well, you have two choices. One is to learn everything on your own and spend time practicing. The other option is to hire designers.

But we all know that hiring designers is not going to be affordable. In fact, it costs an arm and a leg just to have a logo created.

Introducing LogoBiz!

LogoBiz Review

This package allows you to create pro logos in just three simple steps. You will no longer pay a huge sum of money for logos anymore!

Why not follow my LogoBiz Review and find out more details about this product?

LogoBiz Review – Overview

ProductLogoBiz with Resell Rights
Launch Date2018-Jul-31
Launch Time09:00 EDT
Official websiteClick here
Front-End PricePersonal Use License Only $12.95
Developers License Only $15.95
BonusYES, My LogoBiz Bonus
SkillAll level
Refund30-day money back guarantee
Support Friendly & Effective
RecommendHighly recommend

What Is LogoBiz?


LogoBiz is a package of more than 300 pre-designed logo templates that are available in both PNG and PSD format. Each logo template is designed by professional designers in Firelaunchers. And the best part? LogoBiz covers over 30 popular niches.

Given the title of the package, some people may think it only includes logos. Well, the truth is there are a lot of interesting things you can use to edit your logos. To help marketers gain experience, Firelaunchers also added a series of training videos that show you how to get started smoothly. Take a look at the LogoBiz templates:

  LogoBiz - Dance LogoBiz - Automobiles LogoBiz - Accounting LogoBiz - Fitness

>> Click here to see more LogoBiz templates <<

About Author – Firelaunchers


If you have been in the industry for a while, perhaps the name Firelaunchers do not sound so strange to you. They are a group of experienced marketers who come together to produce amazing products that help newbies build their business.

Some of their best selling products until now are SEO Revolution, Stock PLR Firesale, blogging for Profits and so much more. Let’s follow the next part of the LogoBiz Review to find out more!

LogoBiz – Feature Details

Here are some wonderful features of this package that you can consider:

More than 300 predesigned logo templates in PNG and PSD

  • Developer license option
  • Full resell rights
  • Training video series
  • Fully integrated sales funnel

I have not mentioned resell rights to you in previous parts. Prepare for that! You will not only use these predesigned logos, you can also sell it and keep the full profits. And I can guarantee you, these logos would be a great source of passive income if you sell it to those who need it.

LogoBiz - Feature Details

A logo is what people know about your business subconsciously. Below are some reasons why you should focus on your logos just like any other elements:

  • Establish your brand
  • Attract viewers and customers
  • Develop a bond with audiences
  • Distinguish from other brands
  • Advertise your brand

And so much more other reasons. In short, your logo is what you show to the world about your brand. Having a well-designed logo would definitely do you a lot of good. And LogoBiz can help you do so.

LogoBiz Reviews

If you want it, why not make a decision right now?


How Does It Work?

Step 1: Open the package and choose your favorite one

LogoBiz offers 200 templates available, you can choose the desired logo template in your niche. All of them are formatted with PSD files and should be compatible with most image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP…

Step 2: Edit or customize

Insert your text, font size, layout and colour

Step 3: Save your version of logos and you are good to go

Save or Export your Logo in any format you want, like JPG or PNG. And your logo is ready to recognize your brand.

Watch the LogoBiz Demo below!

Who Should Use It?

As far as I am concerned, LogoBiz is suitable for all types of marketers:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Video Marketers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Designers working for SME Clients
  • Webmasters
  • Product Creators
  • Advertiser & Publisher
  • Multi-Level Marketers
  • E-commerce Business Owners
  • Offline Marketers
  • Consultant Marketers

Whether you are new to the industry or too busy to design your own logos, using LogoBiz would save you a huge amount of time and money.

I also recommend it to those who have free time and want to earn a passive income out of it. Selling these logos would definitely a hot business, I can guarantee.

Price & Evaluation

LogoBiz have 1 Front-End & 1 Upsell.

With Front-End Package, you’ll have 2 Licensing Options and 3 Awesome Bonuses.

LogoBiz - Front-End Package

LogoBiz - 2 Licensing Options

LogoBiz Bonus

LogoBiz Bonus 1

LogoBiz Bonus 2

Visit Official Website & Get Premium Bonus Package Below

With Upsell Package, you’ll have 7 Amazing Modules & 5 Amazing Bonuses.

LogoBiz Upsell Package

LogoBiz - 7 Amazing Modules & 5 Amazing Bonuses

Visit Official Website & Get Premium Bonus Package Below

Personal Experience

Designing logos on your on is definitely not a simple task that anyone can do. If you choose to hire designers, then it costs an arm and a leg, not to mention it still takes a lot of time to edit over and over again. That is the main reason why LogoBiz can help you. Save more time and money, who would not love it?

The key take away from this part of the LogoBiz Review is that do not just work hard on your own. Make use of external help to save resources and be a step ahead of a game. In addition, the files available in LogoBiz are compatible with all the latest graphic design software and you can easily customize them in your own way.

LogoBiz Reviews and Bonus


For $15.95, you get for yourself a huge load of logos that can be customized and edited easily. The vendor will update for more templates every month to make sure you all have new choices. Your logo is like your face, it is all worth the investment, right? Thanks for reading my LogoBiz Review. I wish you all the luck! Goodbye!


LogoBiz – Special Launch Discount

My LogoBiz Review is going to walk you through an amazing logo package 300+ Premium logo templates that is suitable for all marketers. Let’s start!

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