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  • Online platforms.
  • Auto check and generate reports.
  • Applicable niches and areas.
  • Exactly find targeted clients.
  • One-time payment.
  • Email swipes provided.


  • Not significant bugs.

You must be working with digital marketing if you already click in my Mapify360 Review.

As a smart marketer, you have to be sensitive to go ahead of time with the changes. And let me tell about the shifting in online marketing and technology in 2019: more worldwide and more local.

The world is getting closer to each other when you can ordering a sake bottle while sunbathing at Hawaii; but it’s getting more geo-targeted when Google suggests you the restaurant next door when you search for lunchtime.

Unfortunately, most people pay attention to the former change only and ignore the latter, which becomes your opportunity to dig in this niche. Let’s have some stats from BrightLocal Consumer Review:

  • 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendation
  • 49% of consumers need at least 4-star rating before choosing
  • Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business

So what are you waiting for? If you are a local consultant, it’s absolutely your time and your chance.

Let’s find out about the new product in my review to see how it can help you lighten up some dark spots of local businesses.

Mapify360 Review

Quick Overview Of Mapify360

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What is Mapify360 about?

Mapify360 is a client-hunter machine for local consultants with Google My Business. This tool should be used by local consultant to look for the un-optimized business on Google Map and GMB. This online software will help you scrutinize the businesses who are performing poorly to help them with your service.

The main platform Mapify360 aims to is the Google Map and GMB, and they are coincident with the business plan in 2019 of Google (Google is pushing advertisements for GMB to direct users to local targeting in this year). Therefore, with an optimized location on Map, the businesses will have much higher chance to convert.

Keep on this Mapify360 Review so we will know the creator of this product.

Publisher of Mapify360

Han Fan is already a frequent name you see in marketing sites. He has been in this industry for nearly a decade. I have already reviewed many of his products as well. He has his own sites, YouTube channels and FB pages to review products and share the experience in IM.

As a product creator, he has many digital products and I suggest you check out these ones: LeadSensationz, XLeads360, Pixo Blaster, ShopExpress, etc.

I believe his new product will turn into the big hit soon, so now we will go on to explore it in my Mapify360 Review.

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Outstanding Features of Mapify360

  • Quickly find unlimited un-optimized and unclaimed business

With the keyword and the area only, Mapify360 will search for the related business within your areas. The results quickly return with an overview profile of each client, including their business name, contact (email, phone, address, etc), website.

  • Flexible filter to exactly target your local client

While searching, you can filter the results by some queries like taking the leads with emails only, with/without website, with high rating, etc. The filter makes it easier to get to your targeted leads and increase chance to get paid.

  • Strongly analyze the GMB performance in minutes

The issues of the businesses will be revealed in seconds with full reports: if it has FB places directory, Rich Snippets, Yelp pages or SSL and so on. The system will check all the elements to find out the issues if that business is doing well on GMB.

  • Optimize the GMB listing for local business

After the check, Mapify360 can give you the solution to fix the issue and optimize the listing on GMB and Google Map for local businesses. It helps the listing included complete information to build more trust from customers and encourage their purchase incentives. The listing can consist of images, WiFi service, Pet allowance, time, parking, etc.

  • Identify the bad reviews in GMB and Google Map

The community can edit your listing. Therefore, Mapify360 will identify the bad reviews or low-stared rating about your business. In this way, you can point out and fix the issue in time to improve your service and it doesn’t affect your ranking.

  • Ranking on GMB and Google Map

With the tools inside Mapify360, you can help you client have higher ranking locally. It also pushes their business in the 3-pack searching of GMB and GM.

  • Email swipes to contact clients

If you are a tech guy with little experience of writing a seductive email to your clients, Mapify360 provides you with the email templates. As a local consultant, you can write your offer, attach with the reports and the suggested plan for them to contact back.

How to use Mapify360

Actually, Mapify360 can be considered to be the first step in hunting your clients in the radar. Let’s see how it works in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Find your local leads: enter the keyword niche and your areas.
  • Step 2: Generate a professional PDF report.
  • Step 3: Send the reports along with the email offer given to your clients.

Watch Mapify360 Demo Video below:

Next step will be to sell your local service to your clients, no limits!

The process is quite simple so you may be doubtful about its efficiency.

If so, look at the coolest features I have filtered out in my Mapify360 Review!

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Who should use Mapify360?

It’s obviously this product is made for local consultants. With no limit about the niches and the service you provide, Mapify360 can help you find unlimited clients: restaurants, café, plumbers, hotel, pubs, gyms, etc.

Price and Evaluation

The price for the basic package of Mapify360 is only $27, with no extra charge. It’s a pretty acceptable price to me. After paying the price, users will get direct access to the member areas. The standard version contains all listed features. Furthermore, there are more options to consider:

– Front-End: Mapify360: $47 >>More Details<<

– Upsell 1: Mapify360 Pro – Monthly: $43.47 >>More Details<<

– Upsell 1: Mapify360 Pro – Quarterly: $50.97 >>More Details<<

– Upsell 2: Mapify360 Local Agency: $42.07 >>More Details<<

– Upsell 3: Mapify360 – Citation Optimizer360: $42.07 >>More Details<<

– Upsell 4: Mapify360 Reseller Package Silver: $71.87 >>More Details<<

– Upsell 4: Mapify360 Reseller Package Platinum: $102.77 >>More Details<<

My Final Thought,

Frankly, Mapify360 is a great product which catches the trend of marketing development, therefore, it has huge potential to make money than a normal tool. Within this Mapify360 Review, I have listed all the valuable from the angle of the local consultants. I think it will be a useful tool for them in 2019. And lastly, thank for reading and let me know your comments below!

Mapify360 – Special Launch

Local optimization no longer a hard sell, keep on my Maptify360 Review to know how the local businesses will pay thousands for it.

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