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MiniSite Uploader Review






Easy To Use









  • No download required.
  • Light file.
  • No need of 3rd tool support.
  • There are many valuable bonuses for you.
  • No need to pay monthly fees.
  • 100% refund policy.
  • Support staff is fast and efficient 24/7.


  • This software does not contain any difficulties during use. You just need to check the computer connection before starting work.

Hi guys, today I am very happy to see you again in my review this day. You are probably looking for a solution to help you create sales pages quickly. I will go straight to the point. After creating a sales page, I realized it had a lot of time to put them into operation.

In addition to having difficulty uploading, I have difficulty extracting the zip file containing the page and the things inside it. For this to happen, I had to do a lot of complicated steps.

But luck came to me when I was granted access to the MiniSite Uploader software. I bought and tried it. Do you know what happened? I was able to easily download everything I wanted with just a few mouse clicks.

Today, I will share more about this software so you have a better understanding of its features. Don’t take your eyes off the next part of myMiniSite Uploader Review!

MiniSite Uploader Review

MiniSite Uploader Review – Overview

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What Is MiniSite Uploader?

Did you hear the name Mehdi Marani? He is a supplier known for many great digital products like WarriorPlus Reporter, SEO Table Software, and Articler. I know him when I have trouble optimizing SEO for my website and his product has helped me a lot.

Recently, he released the MiniSite Uploader and I quickly got access to this software. I believe it will create user confidence after just a few hours.

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MiniSite Uploader Review – Features & Benefits

It is really the software that helps you download everything in the blink of an eye. Here is what you will get when you have it in hand

  • MiniSite Uploader Software

After designing your sales page, you just need to compress everything (the HTML file and attributes like images, videos, CSS, JS files), you just need to click the upload button to download the entire zip file on cpanel storage control panel. And the software also automatically compresses software for you when there is a download file.

  • [BONUS] GDPR Generator Module

In the future, you will need page GDPR on your website. You just need to fill in some fields to create a GDPR security policy text and create GDPR in HTML format. Then you just need to copy and paste it into your GDPR page. Your website will always be safe even if your web page is open to the public.

  • [BONUS] Keyword Finder Module

This module will find your keywords in seconds. You just need to enter your keywords. You can then copy the searched keywords and paste it into the meta keyword of your sales page. You will no longer have to sit for hours and think about your keyword content.

  • [BONUS] Video Squeeze pages

You will be provided with 5 different 5-page Squeeze video pages and a video to show you how to edit these pages (In case you don’t know how to change them). Each page includes: download page, main page, thank you page and download page. These pages are beautifully designed and attractive.

How Does It Work?

It is designed with an extremely simple interface, without confusing fields and options, you just need to provide information and choose for your Zip file. Here is the operation of this software with 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Fill in Cpanel authentication information
  • Step 2: select the Zip file of the page
  • Step 3: Click on the download button

These three steps are too simple, right? Moreover, there will be a video that shows you how to work with it.

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Who Should Buy It?

It is software for everyone especially those who are working online. It will help you upload everything without any hindrance. In just a few minutes you can upload files unlimitedly. And in particular, you will no longer have trouble uploading files that are too heavy. I strongly mention this product if you are:

  • Business
  • Businesses online or offline
  • Marketers
  • Freelance writer
  • Blogger
  • Product supplier
  • And more

Evaluation and Price

In addition to the benefits you receive within this software, the sub-vendor offers a very reasonable price for this software. The price of this software with 3 bonuses is worth only $13. I see this price is very suitable for the user’s budget. You will hardly find any product on the market with this hot price.

In addition, there will be some upgrades for users to choose from:

  • The first option – OTO 1 – is priced at $17.

In this package, you will receive 300 beautiful logos with PSD layering files. You can resell them to make a profit for yourself.

  • The second option – OTO 2 – costs $27

This package includes 34 complete video courses for you. Here, you will learn how to build a reputation, how to build products and get free traffic.

This package is being discounted to $17 – you will receive 7 information in PDF format.

Personally, you should catch these upgrades to make your work easier. You can learn them on their sales page.

In The End

One thing I want to share with you is their 100% return policy. Within 30 days of using the software, if you find it to be ineffective, you will be refunded. I see this is really an investment without danger.

This MiniSite Uploader Review is what I have worked with this software. I hope they will help you. Thank you for always trusting me. Good luck!

MiniSite Uploader – Special Launch

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