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PayMember X Review






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  • No need to download or set up any other software.
  • Does not require high skills.
  • Works compatible on all websites.
  • Completely user-friendly.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • There are video tutorials.


  • PayMember X has absolutely no disadvantages.

Has your information data been fully protected? I had a headache and had a lot of trouble when my data was compromised.

You know, I spent a lot of money to get them back. This has led me to find software that helps me protect the content from private messages.

And luckily, I found PayMember X – software with the SaaS platform. It not only helps me protect all my data but also helps me to make a profit from its features.

Today, I take the time to write this review to share PayMember X with you. Please continue to follow my PayMember X Review to know more about it.

PayMember X Review

PayMember X Review – Overview

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What Is PayMember X?

PayMember X is the new version of PayMember. This software will help you protect all your content, files, videos and everything with integrated Paypal. This software helps you generate recurring income from your website. You can set up member areas, build email lists and many great benefits that I will list below.

The best part of PayMember X is that it works on all websites. As we see, most software only works with WordPress and you will have to spend hundreds of dollars to get independent membership software. With PayMember X, you’ll save a lot of money because it works on the SaaS platform. I will continue to list the features of PayMember X at the bottom.

About Author

Have you ever heard the name – Dan Green? He is the one behind PayPal. You can easily see his name in the top providers on JVZoo. He is a great supplier with the best-selling digital products on the market.

Some of his products are WP SociMate, PayMember, VideoMate, Video Profiteer and more. They always get the trust of customers after only a few hours of opening. dan Green makes sure PaMember X won’t disappoint users.

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PayMember X Review – Features & Benefits

PayMember X is software with great features. I will list them for you to better understand it

  • Protect all your content and website

Your content will be best-protected No one can access that content only when they pay your Paypal account. They will have to request access and get consent from you.

  • Works on all payment processors as long as you use PayPal

You can use it smoothly on JVZoo without any problems.

  • Protect all file types

The file, PDF, video or content you want will be most protected with this software. You will never have to worry about malicious news or hackers breaking into your content.

  • Protection set up within minutes

Your PayPal account is connected to the software and deployed protected pages after a few seconds

  • Integrated verification page

You can control your customers on the verification page. You can control everything on the verification page to make it most effective for you.

  • Integration with all autoresponders
  • You can create and run live campaigns via email. This software will automatically send messages via email when customers click on the purchase button
  • Build a list of potential customers for you via email from PayPal
  • Set download file “used once”. It helps you control content and prevent people from sharing content without your consent
  • Automatically update customer transaction data – you will know what customers need to meet your needs.
  • Automatically monitor money, the position of customers and more
  • Register customers to register, do not pay or cancel the registration
  • Automatically update customer data when they access your protected content
  • Track customer activity, the number of downloads they downloaded, where they downloaded and when they accessed your protection
  • Set up email notifications to control what’s going on
  • You can automatically send content to the members you want in a “drip” way.

How Does It Work?

PayMember X is very simple software. In just 3 steps you can protect all the files you want

  • Step 1: Enter the content link you want to protect
  • Step 2: Enter the product name so PayPal can identify it
  • Step 3: Click the completed button to get your content protected the best

In addition, you can watch video tutorials to get the best results.

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Who Should Buy It?

PayMember X is designed suitable for everyone. Anyone who wants to protect their content needs it. I really strongly mention PayMember if you are

  • Online businesses
  • Owner of website stores
  • Blogger
  • Business

I can’t list them all. In short, I find it a great weapon for you to develop your work.

Evaluation and Price

PayMember X costs $ 27. With what it brings, I find it quite reasonable. But its price will change in the next few hours. So, I recommend you catch it if you need it.

In addition to the main product, the provider also added some upgrades for users to choose.

With this upgrade, you will be provided with an option to reply automatically from third parties. You can reply automatically when someone requests access to your content.

With this package, you can stream live video on your site to make a profit.

With this package, you can get a dealer license for PayMember. You can create your own affiliate account and sell it to customers online or offline.

In The End

It’s time to finish my PayMember X Review. I hope the information I have shared with you will help you make the smartest decision for you.

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How to protect your content from malicious news and hackers? My PayMember X review will help you to solve this painful problem!

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