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Pixly Pro Review






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  • You can share your shortened links directly from the dashboard.
  • Monitor the performance of your links based on specific KPIs.
  • No technical skills required to operate Pixly Pro.
  • Simple processes.


  • Unlike tinyurl.com, Pixly Pro does not allow users to customize the hyperlinks. However, Pixly Pro creates more stable links than TinyURL.

Hi there and welcome to my Pixly Pro Review. First and foremost, I want to explain the concept of a pixel. Specifically, a pixel is a line of code that you paste into your business site. Social media platforms always have this feature, but not many users notice it. A pixel enables users to track conversions generated from ads, adjust your ads based on performance, identify targeted customers, as well as retarget potential leads.

Pixly Pro Review

The question is, how do pixel works? They include and activate cookies to analyze your interaction between your ads and your website. Additionally, you can keep track of your customers across different devices. In this way, you can figure out your customers’ behaviors. If you want to take advantage of these pixels in a short time, keep up with Pixly Pro Review for more details.

Pixly Pro Review – Overview

Creator Cindy Donovan et al
ProductPixly Pro
Launch Date2018-Aug-26
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Official websiteClick here
Front-End Price$27
BonusYES, My Pixly Pro Bonus
SkillAll level
Refund30-day money back guarantee
NicheSocial Media
Support Friendly & Effective
RecommendHighly recommend

What Is Pixly Pro?

Pixels have always played a vital role in the success of a digital marketing campaign. However, not many people know the precise way to leverage this widget. Therefore, Pixly Pro allows users to monitor the performances of their ads on multiple social media platforms. What’s more, this tool also lets subscribers generate the high-converting call to actions

Later in Pixly Pro Review, I will indicate more about its functions.

About Author

Cindy Donovan

Cindy Donovan has never failed to amaze me with her visionary products. Not only is she a reliable product developer, but she is also an accredited affiliate marketing. Therefore, many fellows in the market have put their trust in her because of what her products offer.

Some of her most famous innovations are Cinch Tweet, WP Blazer Suite, Sqzin, Covert Commissions and ChromEngage to name but a few. Because of the positive impress that she leaves, I strongly believe that Pixly Pro is more than just a normal application.

Features & Benefits

There are two main functions that Pixly Pro has to offer. First of all, it has the ability to include your affiliate links in the pixels of 6 different social channels, namely Twitter, Google, Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook. Implementing pixels empowers your ads’ quality by adjusting the targeted audiences of your campaigns.

Secondly, Pixly Pro lets users generate as many calls to actions as they need. In fact, a decent call to action redirects the visitor to the next step. Furthermore, it removes obstacles that prevent users from moving further in the customer flow.

How Does Pixly Pro Work?

As I have mentioned in the previous part of Pixly Pro Review, this application is capable of creating pixels and call to actions.

Regarding the first function, the first step is to add your pixel on one of the six social channels.

Pixly Pro Review - Add your pixel

Add your pixel

Pixly Pro Review - Choose your pixel

Choose your pixel (the photo represents a Facebook pixel)

After that, enter your affiliate link and click “Shorten” to shorten the link.

Pixly Pro Review - Shorten your URL

Shorten your URL

Pixly Pro Review - Link has been shortened

The link has been shortened, thus making it easier to retarget audiences

Secondly, this is how you create your own call to actions.

Pixly Pro Review - Create Call-To-Action

Click “Create Call-To-Action”

Pixly Pro Review - Edit Call-To-Action

Fill in all the needed information and generate a new one to insert into your affiliate site

Who Should Purchase It?

In my opinion, every single affiliate marketer should consider purchasing Pixly Pro in order to improve their social media marketing strategies. Even if you do not have hands-on experience, this tool is a perfect complement for you to enhance your marketing performance.

Specifically, Pixly Pro offers users a chance to keep track of their ads on social media via shortened links. Besides, you can customize your call to actions to several different forms. As a result, there is no doubt that Pixly Pro is a reasonable choice for newbies.

Personal Experience

Three months ago, I have never heard about pixels, let alone implement it in my marketing strategies. After I set up my Pixly Pro account, I had the chance to witness my Facebook ads’ performance. Hence, I can come up with immediate solutions when needed. After that, I realize that I would not have generated such a high conversion rate if it had not been for the use of pixels.

Besides, by inserting multiple different types of call to actions, I have the chance to encourage visitors to take action. In the next section of Pixly Pro Review, I will conclude my general evaluation.

Evaluation & Price

If you believe that the concept of pixels can benefit your business, what you need to do is grab a copy of this tool whenever possible. The official launch date is August 26, 2018. The front-end package, including all the mentioned features, is $27. Honestly, this is an affordable price for beginners in affiliate marketing.

I have no idea whether this price will remain the same or not, so remember to make up your mind quickly. Likewise, Pixly Pro comes along with a one-month refund policy. To be specific, if you don’t think Pixly Pro suits your business after testing out its features, you can ask for your money back.


To sum up, Pixly Pro Review represents my opinion that affiliate marketers should take this system into consideration. By using this widget, you are capable of customizing your affiliate links on complete autopilot. Therefore, generating traffic and conversions will no longer be a challenge.

Keep track of your call to actions and ads’ performances right below.


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