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Sendiio Review






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  • Newbie friendly, easy to use.
  • Include tutorial.
  • Connect to any SMTP providers.
  • Create both sequence and single email campaigns.
  • No monthly fees.


  • Unlimited campaigns for Agency version.

Welcome to my Sendiio Review,

Many people argue and discuss to figure out which is the best way to connect and engage with your leads: email marketing, text marketing or FB message marketing. The end will never end when more and more social channels are developed and we are confused which way to go.

Why don’t just use all of them?

Yes, it’s a huge burden if you have to use multiple autoresponders for multiple channels. But if you have a product which can sync all the channels and take care of your lists in all platforms, you absolutely have to try it right away.

By providing a complete solution, Sendiio gives the answer to the headache question of all marketers. Come and unwrap your gift!

Sendiio Review

A quick overview of Sendiio

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What is Sendiio?

As an autoresponder, Sendiio has stepped further than to send emails. Instead of a simple email marketing solution, Sendiio offers users an integrated system in which they can leverage from most 3 profitable and crowded niches: email marketing, phone marketing and FB messages.

You will be able to convert your leads in multiple segments, from unlimited social traffic to offline leads. Moreover, Sendiio also allows users to manage communication with subscribers on FB efficiently. Find out about its important features in my Sendiio Review.

The creator of Sendiio

Joshua Zamora

This is a product by Joshua Zamora with months of developing. One of the main reasons to believe in this product’s success is it has been used by Zamora since last months of last year and contributed to his million income as I have known.

Moreover, as a marketer on SEO and blogging, Zamora has several other real-converting products such as Seamless SEO, Sociible, Tube Sniper Pro,Syndlab, etc. Keep reading my Sendiio Review to explore its features!

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Outstanding Features of Sendiio

  • Unlimited email marketing campaigns

As an autoreponder, email marketing is the first platform Sendiio can work to communicate with your leads. Sendiio doesn’t restrict on the number of campaigns you create and use. Users can import their lists into Sendiio and start to write their email to send to the leads.

  • Unlimited text campaigns

Phone text is another way to contact your leads and may be the most secure method to capture leads. Therefore, the number of phone list  is fewer than other methods but the rate to convert is higher. Sendiio allows you to plant a detailed blueprint like ones of email marketing with separate and sequence text with no limits.

  • Unlimited Facebook messages campaigns

Facebook message is the way to capture social traffic with huge active user pool of Facebook. This platform is a gigantic to make money from and Sendiio also understand its potential. This product will act like a chat bot to help you send messages in direct inbox and reply comment with triggered words.

  • Option to create unlimited sequence or single messages

Users can create a unique campaign or a sequence of mails to send to their list. Sendiio helps them write the email in one instant and integrating dashboard so users can control and cross check between the emails. Follow-up sequence will help you increase the buying incentives of leads.

  • Add unlimited leads and lists

With each platform, Sendiio allows you to add unlimited lists in its base. With each list, you also can import unlimited contacts without going through verification process. Other autoreponders usually require a verification code to confirm if you want to import more than 67-70% of your entire lists.

  • Flexibly schedule to send and launch campaign

The sending date can be scheduled in Sendiio system with exact day and time. You are totally able to run your campaigns immediately and you also can setup the time for each blueprint. The fully flexible system of Sendiio can help you pick up the preferred to send messages, set up the time interval and many other things.

  • Analyzed and tracked stat for all campaigns

Sendiio has a comprehensive analysis and tracking system where you can view the stat about opening rate, link clicking rates and bounce rate. Moreover, users also can see the location of leads and their devices. The helpful information helps you target and retarget your leads better to improve the conversion.

  • Modify the lists based on customer behaviors

Based on the rate, Sendiio can automate to customize your campaign. Its system will automate to remove all the bounced emails to improve the delivery and keep your lists clean. Furthermore, if first time delivery doesn’t work, you can check and modify the mail with Resend features.

How to use Sendiio?

Within 3 simple steps, feel free to start rocking your lists:

  • Step 1: import your list into Sendiio
  • Step 2: Create your campaigns with DFY form
  • Step 3: Set up the Send date and start making millions

Watch Sendiio Demo Video below:

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Who should use Sendiio?

One more amazing feature of Sendiio is that it contains the detailed training inside therefore it will be a fit for both newbie and high level marketers. With features as listed in my Sendiio Review, you can see this product is suitable for:

  • Online marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Social marketers
  • eCommerce stores
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product vendors
  • and so on

Price and Evaluation

The price for Personal version is $42 and $47 for Agency version with unlimited features. Therefore, I suggest you take the latter option with absolute more benefits. However, you will have to make the order now to secure the price because it will go up in the launching time. Though it’s quite high, I think its price is reasonable and affordable, especially potential high ROI. You can check the details about each version at sales page.

Sendiio includes 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

– Front-End: Sendiio Agency (Value $47) >>More details<<

– OTO1: Sendiio Academy (Value $67) >>More details<<

– OTO2: Sendiio VA License (Value $47) >>More details<<

– OTO3: Sendiio Booster (Value $67) >>More details<<

– OTO4: Sendiio EmailRamp Special (Value $67) >>More details<<

To wrap up,

This Sendiio Review is what I wanna share with you about a unique and new autoresponder which helps you combine the best features to serve 3 most profitable niches. Moreover, you will have much more benefits when the Twitter upgrades are added. In conclusion, this is a must-have product in my list and I recommend it to you as well.

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Step #2: 

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