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StoryMate Review

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  • Easy to use, beautiful interface and templates, nice and smooth transition.
  • Use both online library and the users’ source.
  • Can be used in many platforms.
  • Add the logo and the CTA.
  • Create mobile-size videos from desktop.
  • Quickly render videos.


  • No API links so you will have to render, download the videos in your desktop then upload them.

Facebook Trending Uses and What I See

FB users are reaching the number of more than 2 billion but I wonder if they are all active users. Many of my friends have FB account but they seldom use it, the feature we most use is the Messenger. Similarly, what if my potential leads use FB in the same way? How can my ads reach them?

Therefore, in this StoryMate Review, I will introduce a new tool to work with FB stories and even Instagram stories to engage your audience. While the newsfeed on FB is so intensive with every ad fighting for a sponsored slot, FB stories are the untapped territory with much less competition.

Moreover, it helps you approach the users in Messenger without going to FB. Stories are also a way to remind your fans if it has been a long time since their last interaction because of the organic boosting by FB.

And when stories aren’t just with FB, I will show you it can be used with other social platforms as well.

Let’s roll out!

StoryMate Review

Snapshot of StoryMate

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What is StoryMate about?

StoryMate is a story creator which helps you make the presentation or video to post as the stories on FB and Instagram. However, it’s not an offline video maker or a desktop software. StoryMate is an online-based website with templates and the editing features ready for users to leverage the stories.

The StoryMate is promised to be the tool to help you post and send huge traffic to your site with the power of story on Instagram and FB. With the strengths listed above of Stories and the shift in FB uses, this is a smart idea to pull the untouched source of leads and access all users efficiently.

The next part in my StoryMate Review will tell you a quick overview about the creator of this product.

Creator of StoryMate

Luke Maguire

Luke Maguire is an online marketer specialized in social media with high background. As far as I’ve known he graduated from Bond University and currently is the owner of Social Media Mansion, a local agency in Australia. He has some awards as an entrepreneur, along with his business.

He has some products in social media which’re worth your consideration because I see they really generate the real results such as Octosuite, Live Leap, Instamate & Instaeasy, and Cryptosuite.

Next, my StoryMate Review will show you the key benefits you get from this product.

Main Features and Benefits From StoryMate

  • Easy to use with nice and neat interface

Despite an online system to create stories for marketing purpose, StoryMate doesn’t use the normal dashboard which looks like a normal and frequent WordPress plugin. Its interface is quite like a library-website with light and beautiful colors. With the good impression from the first sight at the web, it makes me more believe in its designs and styles.

  • 25 templates and updating

At this moment, the number of templates is 25 and they are working on it to provide more. With my evaluation, the design in each template is great and eye-catching, going along with the simple and light design in viral videos.

  • Quick preview of each templates

At the main window, you will see the templates arranged in icons. Each template has its own name to specify the message. Every video (vertical or horizontal) is placed in a large and standard frame so you can see its relative size and frame. Users can quickly preview the templates by hovering the mouse at the icons. If you want to click in, the screen will be popped out and preview the templates in a larger frame.

  • Fully edit and customize the templates with both online/offline library

By choosing a template, you can modify it to make it yours. The boxes and shapes on the templates tell you exactly what to be filled in and written there. The most elements to edit are the background, the shapes and the text while the transitions are fixed. To ensure the display of the templates, there will be the character limits in each text box.

The background and other images can be taken from your hard memory or from Pixabay. You don’t need to find an image with the exact size of vertical screen, instead, StoryMate allows you to choose and crop the part you want in an image. It also notes scene 1, 2, … to be clear in template edition.

The next thing you can change is the background track. The library from StoryMate provides you with the short and inspiring music to add in your story, guaranteeing the most possible conversion. Or you can use your own music.

  • Increase the brand awareness and add CTA

By editing, you can insert your logo in the template to make the audience more aware of your brand. The CTA can be added to clear the message. With qualified account, you can also insert the link with Swipe Up feature to even pull more viewers to your landing page, improving your conversion largely.

  • Differentiate between the projects and the videos

StoryMate separates the projects and the completed videos. After you editing the scenes in one templates, you can save the project and store it for later uses. After inputting your soundtrack, you can export your completed video and download it to post on social media platforms.

  • Update and use the trending templates

StoryMate has 2 tabs Popular and New templates. Depending on your uses, you can choose which tab to browse and take your template out. The last tab is Premium for upgrade which I will tell later in this StoryMate Review.

  • Can be used for FB, Instagram or even Snapchat

It’s exactly said StoryMate is a tool of story creation. With the same size and frame, you totally can use these beautiful and highly converting for Snapchat, Instagram and FB.

How To Use StoryMate

There is a quick demo of this product so I will skip this part in my StoryMate Review.

You can check the sales page or follow this link:


Visit Official Website & Get Premium Bonus Package Below

Who Should Use StoryMate?

Social media is a large part in every campaign, and these following statistics may convince you to use this app right now:

  • 300 million users interacting with Instagram stories
  • Stories make users stay 10 minutes longer on social networks
  • 15%- 25% users swiping up to interact with the link in stories

I think it should be an app to try for all-level digital marketer, especially marketers from big companies with the granted Swipe Up feature. These professional templates will help you take the most advantage out of the available features of Stories.

Price and Evaluation

The front-end price ranges from $47-$67 with all features listed above, the payment is one-time. The only limits is you can only render 20 daily videos with front-end version but I think this should be enough. It’s an acceptable price with such a system to me. Moreover, below are the upgrades you can consider:

– Front-End: $47-$67 for Storymate Luxury >>More Detials<<

– OTO 1: $47/month for StoryMate template suite: 5-10 templates added every month (Premium) >>More Detials<<

– OTO 2: $47 for VIP Training >>More Detials<<

– OTO 3: $47 for VIP Affiliate Link Cloaker >>More Detials<<

– OTO 4: $197 for White Label/ Reseller rights >>More Detials<<


That’s quite long for this StoryMate Review so I want to thank you for reading until here. Considering this is the first tool about Story, I think you should try it. This can be a fresh new solution for your whole social media channels. While FB ads are getting saturated quickly, Stories can help you tap into the hidden niches and audience.

StoryMate – Special Launch

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