Swift Member 2.0 Review – Build quality membership sites in minutes

Swift Member 2.0 Review

  • Author: OJ James
  • Product Name: Swift Member 2.0
  • Launch Date: 2017-Sep-28
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Refund: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Front-End Price: $27-$37
  • Sales Page: http://sales.swiftmember.com/
  • Niche: Software


If you want high-converting leads and more loyal customers, this Swift Member 2.0 Review is exactly what you need to read. I am more than happy to share with you a next-gen software tool that can help you acquire recurring income on complete autopilot.

With this tool, you can build, develop, and scale your own membership sites. Your customers will definitely love these sites, and you will definitely be able to monetize them like crazy.

What is Swift Member 2.0?


This software is a comprehensive marketing suite that can create easy-to-set up memberships and courses. It enables you to generate high-converting membership sites in just a few clicks. The 2.0 version of Swift Member comes with such premium features as an upgraded interface, massive support and autoresponders integration, and Udemy-style course builder.

Swift Member 2.0 is an all-in-one solution for anyone doing membership and looking for an easy way to create a passive income stream in 2017. This plugin software can help you turn any of your training courses and apps into a professional membership site. Swift Member 2.0 turns your buyers into loyal and willing-to-pay prospects.

About Author


If Blog Fusion, Engagify App, and Social Zen do not sound strange to you, then you know who the author of Swift Member 2.0 is. OJ James has long been an online marketing expert with more than 5 years of dedication to marketing automation.

Swift Member 2.0 is among his newest digital products in the attempt to deliver a newbie-friendly solution for membership site building. Let’s now discover what exactly this software can do in the following part of my Swift Member 2.0 Review.

Features & Benefits

1. Professional and user-friendly dashboard

Professional and user-friendly dashboard

Swift Member 2.0 allows you to create an easy-to-navigate membership site in just a matter of minutes. Also, you can add as many products as you want on that site and customize every single aspect of them. This robot-like technology ensures the quality of the content and the ease of payment for your page.

2. Full customization options

Full customization options

Now with the built-in course generator inside Swift Member 2.0, you can build and populate your own courses. The system provides you with content, videos, images, and download links so that you can promote your course on the fly.

And what my Swift Member 2.0 Review appreciates the most from this software is that it enables you to manage all of your users. This means that you will have the full control over your prospects and leads.

3. Full analytics

Inside Swift Member 2.0’s platform, you have the full access to the performance report of all your campaigns. Specifically, you will see the stats of your sales, refunds, and the progress of the members.

You can also create full funnels right inside this platform. With just a few clicks, you will have OTO1, OTO2, Pro Version, White Label License for your products.

4. Complete training system

Complete training system

You will look over the shoulder of OJ James and see what he has done to create his own online empire. This course will take you by hand and teach you exactly how to build a high-retention membership system. There is no puzzle, no hassle, and no stone left unturned.

Swift Member 2.0 Review on Mechanism

This software works in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Access – Upload and activate the plugin
  • Step 2: Configure – Create and edit the membership site
  • Step 3: Activate – Start driving massive loads of traffic and leads from the sites and courses

Watch Swift Member 2.0 in action in this demo video

Target Users

I believe Swift Member 2.0 is literally for everyone. It is super newbie-friendly and easy to deploy. You won’t ever need to hire any designer or website developer to give you just the mediocre quality of a membership site. You yourself can now create it and earn 100% profit.

And if you are doing membership marketing campaigns and you want them to work fast, Swift Member 2.0 is then definitely a good choice. Once you get used to its interface, I believe you will have no choice but to stick to it.

Pros & Cons


green tick icereview No need for outsourcing

green tick icereview Easy-to-navigate interface

green tick icereview Comprehensive report and analytics

green tick icereview User-friendly dashboard

green tick icereview Time-saving and cost-effective SEO effort


Red Cross icereview Limited discount offer

Personal Experience

In all honesty, I think Swift Member 2.0 is a marketing suite that is both easy to use and proven to work. It has made creating membership sites and courses easier than ever. There’s now no need for any learning curve in designing and coding. A 10 out of 10 from my Swift Member 2.0 Review.

The 2.0 version has come with wider integration (It supports more than 13 payment processors and 5 autoresponders). And its comprehensiveness in customization will stun you out. Instead of getting lost among thousands of site templates on the Internet, you can choose among 8 best of the best templates provided by Swift Member 2.0.

Price & Ease of Payment

The front-end price is now $27, and it’s worth to know that this price is the discount price. And as my Swift Member 2.0 Review already mentioned, this price is exclusively for the early birds. The later you come for this deal, the higher price you may have to pay. If you want to secure this discount, you’d better grab it ASAP.

All purchases are secured with 100% money-back guarantee. After 30 days, if there’s any way you find it not right for you, you can return Swift Member 2.0 to receive the 100% refund.

Hope my Swift Member 2.0 Review makes your buying decision easier. Goodbye for now!

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