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Traffic Jeet 4 Review






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  • Easy to use.
  • Require no prior experience.
  • 6-in-1 features.
  • Do market research.
  • Find best niches, keywords, and tags.
  • Get higher rankings.
  • Optimize your videos with ease.
  • Boost traffic.


  • This only helps you empower your marketing skills. You have to build the videos yourself first.

In order to run a profitable video marketing business, aside from the videos, you also need several marketing skills. And this is where things get tricky! If you think creating a video is a real challenge, then the process of monetizing it will crush you completely. There are tons of tasks you need to fulfill, such as finding the hottest keywords, discovering the niches to target, ranking your videos on the first page of the search engines, and so on. In short, this is simply not what a newbie can shoulder!

Sounds like a bitter pill to swallow, right? Then, do you want to stay away from it and still, can profit off your videos? Introducing Traffic Jeet 4, Cyril Jeet latest launch! Are you excited for more steaming details? Scroll down for the rest of my Traffic Jeet 4 Review at once.

Traffic Jeet 4 Review

Traffic Jeet 4 Review – Overview

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What Is Traffic Jeet 4?

Traffic Jeet 4 is the latest version of the Traffic Jeet, the infamous YouTube marketing tool series! For this comeback, its features have been given a major update that promise to bring your business to a whole new level.

Traffic Jeet 4

Now, let’s go into details about what it is capable of. Well, prepare to be amazed! Once purchasing this exclusive marketing suite, you will immediately have lifetime access to SIX powerful products – Traffic Jeet, Tube Tracker, YT Best Keywords, YT Ad Keywords, YT Niche Finder, and YT Tag Finder! Each of them covers an aspect of video marketing, and when combining together, they are going to offer you an opportunity to make YouTube your own gold mine. Isn’t this amazing?

Traffic Jeet 4 Reviews

About Author

Cyril Jeet

I bet you have found the name Cyril Jeet familiar right from the start! With over 20 best-selling products on Jvzoo, he has become one of the top vendors of this eCommerce site. In fact, if you have been paying attention to the recent leaderboards, you will find his name on top of many of them.

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Traffic Jeet 4 Review – Features and Benefits

  • Traffic Jeet

Traffic Jeet

Since 2012, this has been one of the most incredible research tools for YouTube! By giving it one keyword only, it will give you a list of videos with the related titles as well as their rankings! It can even show you the views, comments, likes and dislikes for all the top videos as well as their categories and descriptions. This will certainly give you a good idea of what to do with your own videos!

  • Tube Tracker

Tube Tracker

Tube Tracker is the second tool Traffic Jeet 4 will offer you. It can track every element involved in your videos, such as daily views, keywords, total views, video ID, and so on. Undoubtedly, this will help you keep a close eye on your business’s performance!

  • YT Best Keywords

YT Best Keywords

This is another keyword research tool, and it allows you to discover all the hottest keywords related to one certain group! For examples, when you give it a word or a phrase, it will immediately analyze everything, and grade the keywords based on how highly-converting they can be.

  • YT Ad Keywords

YT Ad-Keywords

This tool is going to show you which keywords you should use in your YouTube ads in order to maximize their performance! Isn’t this great?

  • YT Niche Finder

YT Niche Finder

With this exclusive tool, you will be able to get your hands on all the best niches to target on YouTube! First is keywords, and now niches too? Imagine how much traffic you are going to generate!

  • YT Tag Finder

YT Tag Finder

The last tool you are going to receive is YT Tag Finder. It enables you to look inside the best videos on YouTube and discover the tags that have been making them popular!

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How Does It Work?

It might take me an entire day to write down all the essential steps to put this six-in-one suite into operation so I will give you their walkthroughs instead. Please make sure not to skip anything!

Watch Traffic Jeet 4 Demo below:

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Who Should Use It?

Traffic Jeet 4 is surely an awesome video marketing suite, right? Still, unfortunately, it can only help you if you have already had the videos in hand. As you have noticed, I did not mention about ‘video creating’ in any prior part of this review.

Who Should Use Traffic Jeet 4

So, if you are wondering how to give your marketing skill a change for the better without breaking a sweat, Traffic Jeet 4 is definitely the ideal choice for you. Your niche does not matter so do not worry about a single thing. But if you wish to start everything from ground zero, please find a way to create your videos first. Sorry about this inconvenience!

Price and Evaluation

Now that you have known what Traffic Jeet 4 is capable of, let’s move on to something you have been waiting for: the review of its price! So, are you ready for even better news? To bring home this exclusive video marketing suite, you will only have to pay $21.5! Yeah, I am not kidding, only $21.5! By the look of what you are going to get – 6 tools with the ability to get your videos the highest rankings, search for the in-demand keywords, boost traffic, and so on – this seems like a very good deal.

Traffic Jeet 4 Software

Still, after just a few days of launch, Traffic Jeet 4’s price might skyrocket. Well, it is better safe than sorry, right? So, if you want it, consider getting it right away!

Traffic Jeet 4 Review – Conclusion

Generating massive profits from videos will no longer be a complicated task once you have got a powerful assistant by your side! With Traffic Jeet 4, you will be able to arm your videos with a range of assets that can turn them into profit magnet within minutes. On top of that, the suite is also paired with a reasonable, acceptable price. I do not know about you, but to me, these are the signs of what will instantly be on my to-buy list!

Are you now convinced that Traffic Jeet 4 will certainly be of benefit to your business? Then what are you waiting for? Go and grab one right now!

Last but not least, thank a lot for sticking with my Traffic Jeet 4 Review until the bottom line.

Traffic Jeet 4 – Special Launch

Are you looking forward to making a fortune from nothing but videos? Then you are definitely going to fall for this Traffic Jeet 4 Review of mine!

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Video Launch Method

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Video Hero

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The Awakening

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The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint

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Whiteboard Video Fortune Prospecting

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Decinema Virality

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Youtube Marketing Excellence

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Viral Video System

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Local YouTube For Cash Confidential

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Instant Traffic Funnel

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Near Me Domination

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The Golden Traffic Source

The Golden Traffic Source

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Hyper Traffic Breakthrough

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Traffic Intensive

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EZ Traffic Blueprint

Bonus #25:

Traffic & Conversion Notes 2018 ( Value $49)

Traffic & Conversion Notes 2018

Bonus #26:

0 To 10k Visitors in Only 40 Days ( Value $17)

0 To 10k Visitors in Only 40 Days

Bonus #27:

Organic Traffic Secrets ( Value $97)

Organic Traffic Secrets

Bonus #28:

Insta Traffic Mastery

Insta Traffic Mastery

Bonus #29:

Easy Traffic Cobra

Easy Traffic Cobra

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Flipped – Traffic Trigger (Value $47)

Flipped - Traffic Trigger

Bonus #31:

Page Activator (Value $40)

Page Activator

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