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  • Include both tutorial videos and software suite.
  • Leverage traffic generation and lead capture at the highest chance.
  • Easy to understand and apply in real system.
  • 3-layer traffic driving for profit.
  • All types of list and emails.


  • Not basic enough for beginners.

Welcome to my Traffic Multiplier Review!

I think you can guess it all from the name. Yep! This is my review about a new product which is all about traffic, how to get traffic, optimize traffic and take the most advantage out of it to gain the most possible profits.

Many people argue you need plenty of other stuff rather traffic. I don’t deny that but how to drive traffic is still the key factor. While Google is changing so much and even FB’s algorithm doesn’t remain the same, a well-written content alone can never guarantee a top 1 ranking.

For that reason, traffic is the ACE to hold the win. Traffic Multiplier is developed to leverage every possible lead you can capture to optimize the performance of the page, in general.

Traffic Multiplier Review

Here is a snapshot of Traffic Multiplier

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What is Traffic Multiplier about?

About the content, Traffic Multiplier is a couple of a traffic training and the software suite for traffic generation and lead capture. The training part is a step by step course which is shared by an expert to gain the most profit with traffic. The software comes along with no additional charge to apply the methods into your system.

Traffic Multiplier use a new method to get the subscribers. Even when the visitors reject your pop up, you can still get benefit from them, therefore, your effort to draw them to your website is wasted. The most outstanding feature of Traffic Multiplier is TRIPLE DANGER TRAFFIC:

  • Website traffic
  • Leads generation
  • Retargeting

My Traffic Multiplier Review will try to provide the easiest understanding about this matrix.

About the Creator

Glynn Kosky

The blue violet background color of the product tells me this is Glynn and it’s exactly Glynn Kosky, the man behind this product 😀 Glynn is a super affiliate which started his online career since 90s. Apart from promoting others’ products, he owns several businesses about eCom which run successful on both Amazon and eBay.

Among many of his products, what I like most is Hijackrr. Despite some controversial opinion, I still think it is a good idea to boost your website as long as everything’s under control. Moreover, you should check out other ones like SociBot, Affiliate Traffic Lab, or Instant eCom Funnels.

You must get hives to see this product’s core features, next section in my Traffic Multiplier Review will give you the answer.

Core Features and Benefits of Traffic Multiplier

  • Training videos and software come with no extra charge

Normally, vendors use one thing to bait us for another thing. However, in 2019, I see a shift to combining 2 products into 1 and Traffic Multiplier is a similar one. Users will get both the tutorial and the tool to maximize the profit by leveraging the traffic.

  • 2 in 1 list building

Unlike other tools which only try to get the email by the opt-in window, Traffic Multiplier also help you collect both the push notifications and emails to maximize the best conversion. The method is the visitor is compulsory required to accept the push notifications to access the giveaway. And the next step is the email filling as usual.

Your first step has a very low chance of rejection because push notification is much simpler and acceptable to a user.

  • Triple danger traffic

After the 2 steps above, if your stubborn visitor still doesn’t opt in, Traffic Multiplier will help you retarget with the squeeze page so you can use every lead you get. The small retargeting pixel goes with a small cost as well to display the target ads.

  • Instant monetization

In the best situation, when you already get the subscribers, they will be redirected to the sales page with a relevant offer. You job is to create and pick the right deal to convince them hit the Buy Now button. Up to this point, the delivered customers are the targeted so the chance of buying is higher.

  • Detailed training and the automated system

The training part is quite meticulous and easy to understandable. The software runs on auto pilot. So, users won’t need to spend much effort for manual check, though I suggest you do, at a regular basic, to make sure it’s under control.

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Who Should Use Traffic Multiplier

As said at the beginning in this Traffic Multiplier Review, traffic is the key to success. Therefore, it should be the recommended package for ones struggling with traffic. However, I want you to note down this is a product about traffic. Though its content is shared dedicatedly, I don’t think it’s suitable for beginner.

Price and Evaluation

The price for this product is $19.95. However, this is not a fixed price, the vendor will increase the price soon after the launching time. I guess they will add some upgrades but the front-end with current price is suitable package for a digital marketer. With this price for both the software and the training, I think it’s affordable for anyone.

My Final Thought,

In conclusion, I will give it 4/5 scores for the quality. The vendor catches the trend with a well-done package for traffic. While the search engines change its policies so often and the content curation makes it harder for extremely unique content, traffic and lead capture should be the key factor in your strategies.

Lastly, thank so much for checking my Traffic Multiplier Review. I hope you have enough information to decide buy it or not. Let me know if you need me to clarify anything else, peace!

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