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Viddx Review






Easy To Use









  • Easy to use.
  • Provide the buy button template.
  • Link and search the videos directly from Viddx.
  • Legally use video without risking banned.
  • Support videos from different platforms.


  • Limited campaign with basic product package.
  • Mainly support MP4 format.
  • Dime sales after 6 first hours of launching.

While there are thousands of digital products released every day, many online marketers still can’t find their own path to success. But you won’t be one of them with a smart idea from a new method in my Viddx Review.

The basic formula of making money online is to drive traffic with attracting content and take them through your sale funnel to turn into leads. However, if you’re new to the niches, you will have to smash your budget to explore customer insights and this process takes quite a long time to be able to create best content for your leads.

With the new method, you will be capable of leveraging others’ video legally to generate leads yourself.

The details are waiting for you below!

Viddx Review

A quick overview of Viddx

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What is Viddx about?

Viddx is a product with a new method for making money online in affiliate or eCom. The software allows you to search and combine the videos from other creators to make your own campaign to attract leads. As a highly appealing content type, a video will easily to SEO on both Google and YouTube. The online system provides its users with designing factors.

In my Viddx Review, we will go through the good and bad of this new method, so let’s read until the end.

The Creator of Viddx

Mosh Bari

I have been reviewing many products of Mosh Bari for a long time but some of my favorite ones are Clone My Commission and Blistering. One of the reasons his products are always in my lists is that they have been trending since pre-launching time. It’s all because of his rich knowledge and experience embedded in the products.

Like his previous ones, you will find the interesting and smart solution he offers the online entrepreneurs.

And here in the next part of my Viddx Review, the list of its main benefits will be revealed to you.

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Key Features and Benefits of Viddx

  • Completely online base and easy to use

Creators have developed it online with many designing tools and the lead capture forms. The cloud-based platform makes it much easier for users to modify and customize their campaigns. However, users don’t have to worry about too many tools because it’s very newbie friendly.

  • Drive unlimited traffic without creating videos

With Viddx, you will be surprised with the huge amount of traffic you can earn.  The answer for this is you can use the videos from other channels, which already have been proved its virality with thousands of views and share. If left by yourself, you will have much more trouble and countless hours to make a right one.

  • Legally hijack the videos in multiple platforms

The main platforms you think of are YouTube and Vimeo, the biggest sites for video sharing. However, Viddx can be more than that, and it allows its users to pull videos from other sites as well, as long as the format is MP4.

  • Leverage traffic from multiple niches

There is no limit in Viddx. With the wide range of videos on YouTube, and no restrict on Viddx, users can find videos from multiple niches to create campaign for their own. As a general concept, Viddx saves you a lot of time and money. While you can save money to create video, you can also shorten the time invest on each niche and make more even more profit.

  • Design and modify your own video

To create an eye-catching appearance for your videos, you can customize each video you find with its tools. Users will be able to edit the headlines and titles, customize each time points, choose its own thumbnails, and so on.

  • Add CTA, affiliate links and other links

You can optimize and combine your own funnel and video to have highest possible results. Viddx allows you to add CTA to increase buying incentives, insert the affiliate links and landing pages to improve the click rates.  You can totally improve the SEO and link it with your main pages.

How To Use Viddx?

Check out the main steps you can use to start to master this software:

– Step 1: Log in with your account and start your campaign

– Step 2: Start your campaign with name, description and thumbnail , etc

– Step 3: Choose the videos directly from Viddx and customize them

– Step 4: Complete your campaign and start to collect money from the low investment

Watch Viddx Demo Video below to learn more:

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Who Should Use Viddx?

After the analysis about the main features in my Viddx Review, I think Viddx is suitable for 2 main users: affiliate and eCom.

For affiliate: you will need to create campaign to promote products. Your affiliate links are inserted and the audience can click to buy the product and you will get the commission

For eCom: I think you should combine the review videos to promote your own product. The buying link or the links to your main site are added to increase the revenue.

Moreover, online marketers in general can use Viddx to promote for their events efficiently.

Price and Evaluation

The current price of Viddx is $22 at the moment, however, this price is not fixed and will go up in the few days. I think we should go for the Pro version instead. As I said, the front-end package is limited in the number of campaign.  The Viddx Pro Edition is $47 with unlimited campaign and the license for developer. The other upgrades of Viddx are followed:

  • Viddx Traffic Jacker: $67

Additional tools to maximize the traffic

  • Viddx DFY Money Machine: $197

20 upcoming Live Viddx Money Machine

10 best HOT campaigns

  • Viddx Set This Up On Autopilot: $67
  • Viddx License Rights: $147

The Conclusion,

To wrap up this Viddx Review, I will summarize that Viddx is a great tool to promote products with video content without being a filmmaker. If you are an affiliate or building your eCom shop, you shouldn’t miss this product.

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Bonus #23:

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Logo Design Techniques

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Instant Traffic Funnel

Bonus #27:

Near Me Domination ( Value $397)

Near Me Domination

Bonus #28:

The Golden Traffic Source

The Golden Traffic Source

Bonus #29:

Hyper Traffic Breakthrough ( Value $29)

Hyper Traffic Breakthrough

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