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VideoMax Review






Easy To Use









  • Easy to use.
  • Unlimited buttons allowed.
  • Buy button template.
  • Freely edit and design the button.
  • Training included.


  • Should have the preview feature.

So it becomes a fact that a video converts much more a simple writing post or image. Whether it’s the video you spend days creating or the one you curate from other sources, big congrats you make it until here. After having your video content, what you should do next is to check whether it’s going the right way.

Is your video optimized to the fullest? The new product in my VideoMax Review can be your solution. By arming your video with the additional features, you can improve its performance considerably. The conversion you need may be number of leads opting in, answers collected for surveys, or organic shares to drive even more traffic, and these are what this tool is capable of.

Check it out with me to find your right fit on video marketing technology!

VideoMax Review

Overview of VideoMax

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What is VideoMax about?

VideoMax is a new software which helps users to explore the virality of videos with unlimited add-in features for a single video. In other words, it allows you to insert and add multiple buttons on your videos to harvest all potential leads or optimize the video performance to the fullest.

Everyone can use videos for traffic bait but not many people can take the most out of the bait. With this idea, VideoMax is a tool you can use to put the share button, opt in form, buy button, and other CTA to your videos without any limits.

Next part in my VideoMax Review, let say a little bit about the developing team and the publisher.

Creator of VideoMax

Dr. Ope Banwo

The main creator of this product is Dr. Ope Banwo, who is an attorney and business consultant for over 25 years. He is also a motivational speaker and author of some best-selling books. He has held some seminar and conference talks in his specialized industries such as Internet Business and Law.

With a well-built team, the first thing you can expect from this product is the high quality and the useful support desk. Also, it won’t risk your channel or website with malware, virus or anything illegal.

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The Outstanding Features Of VideoMax

  • Light-weight plugin and easy to use

VideoMax has small size. It is a light-weight plugin so it won’t slow down your speed. The page can load normally and the video still play smoothly with the same connection without buffering. WordPress sites can use this plugin efficiently.

Moreover, this product is easy and doesn’t require much skills and knowledge. After logging into the main dashboard, the user will access the nice and organized interface, and friendly to user, even when you’re just a newbie.

  • Add social sharing buttons

The sharing buttons can be add multiple times. The supported platforms are FB, Twitter, Google +, Linkedln, and Pinterest. Almost all the popular social networks are covered. The icons can be added to gain more reach and drive the organic and unlimited traffic.

  • Add survey form

The survey is to help you collect the feedback from the audience. This tool can be used to modify and collect the answers from your customers for the next campaigns. Therefore, VideoMax allows you to add survey on top of your videos.

  • Add unlimited opt in forms

You use the video to drive traffic and the traffic is for the list building. This is a significant part of the campaign. With VideoMax, users can add unlimited opt in forms to collect leads.

  • Ready to integrate with 10 autoresponder

VideoMax have up to 10 available autoresponder to boost your list building to the next level. Right after the viewer opts in from your videos, their emails will go directly to your email autoresponder. The tools are Aweber, MailChimp, Confusionkit, etc

  • Add Buy buttons

The above part is about collecting email, this part is to convert them into buyers. VideoMax contains the ability to insert the buy button in your videos. It also offers the list of buy button templates to pick up and place in your videos.

  • Freely customize the animation

Apart from the tech feature, VideoMax offers the users the capability to edit and customize the button. The basic design will consist of choosing the background color, text color, font, size, etc and even the animation transition to see how it’ll appear.

  • Choose the displaying time

Users can choose to display the buttons at the end or the beginning of the video. Or you can choose which time you want them to appear, after which specific seconds in the video.

How To Use VideoMax In Your Campaign

As said in this VideoMax Review, this isn’t a complicated tool for marketer. I will give you the link of the demo video below and you can watch how it works. Now to move on another part to see who should use this product.

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Recommended Users Of VideoMax

Videos are used unlimitedly in traffic generation so I think this should be a great tool for video marketing. Considering its simplicity and ease in use, VideoMax can be a tool for all-level marketers. It’s biased to the web traffic rather than the social media, actually. Therefore, I think I would like to recommend this tool to:

  • Digital marketer
  • Local web consultant
  • eCommerce
  • Advertiser
  • Affiliate

Price and Evaluation

Actually, the price is fluctuating and going up so I will try to update it correctly. Right now, the price for front-end (license included) is $37 yearly or $47 charter. I have to say it’s not a low price that’s the reason why I don’t recommend it massively to all. Considering with the features, I think it’s somehow acceptable.

Front-End: VideoMax License includes [Commercial] >>More Details<<

You can consider other upgrades below:

  • OTO 1: VideoMax Consultant Marketing Toolkit [Consultant Website + Complete Marketing Tools] With Bonuses ($67 one-time payment) >>More Details<<
  • Downsell 1: VideoMax Consultant Marketing Toolkit [Consultant Website + Complete Marketing Tools] ($47 One-Time payment) >>More Details<<
  • OTO 2: VideoMax Reseller Packages ($147 one-time payment) >>More Details<<
  • OTO 3: VideoMax VIP Mastermind ($27 monthly) >>More Details<<

– Weekly Webinars

– Q and A Sessions

My Final Thoughts

I think this is a smart tool in trying to optimize every lead you get from a video. While the competition is hotter and much more intense than ever, it helps you harvest all the possible conversion. However, my opinion is not to overuse and add too many buttons, you will drive out all your leads, even wasting the effort you spend before that to driving them.

That’s all for this VideoMax Review, many thanks for checking mine. And let me know if you need me to explain further.

VideoMax – Special Launch

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