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  • Easy to use, user friendly.
  • Allow user to customize the CTA, inserted links.
  • Mobile friendly for viewers.
  • Tracking and stats for geo-targeting.


  • Basic version videos have the lower third: Powered by Vidyz.
  • No pause or play back option when in full screen.

YouTube seems to be a good platform to host your videos with millions of active users. However, it will use videos to attract the audience to view more ads. Your traffic is distracted with a long list of similar suggested videos, forgetting to buy your product or click in your link.

Many marketers are suffering every day but you can make the difference!

Introducing Vidyz!

My Vidyz Review will show you the inside out of this product, a video platform customized for marketers.

If you are on the fence to quitting YouTube, spend some minuted going through this review and you can ahve a new solution to benefit from every lead you get.

Vidyz Review

Quick Overview of Vidyz

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What is Vidyz about?

Vidyz is a new cloud-based platform for video hosting. This new site allows users to upload videos and embed in other sites or make money directly in its platform. Unlike YouTube, Vidyz is specified for marketers with many built-in functions to increase the conversion such as SEO, mobile friendly, tracking and analysis, etc. Your traffic is no longer distracted or pulled to another video.

Go on with my Vidyz Review and you can unerstand more about this new product.

Vidyz Review: The Creator of Vidyz

Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky have been developed this product for a long time before laucnhing. This is promised to be their biggest launch in 2019. Since joining IM in 2004, they have had more than a decade of experience in this industry and known how to shoot a campaign with flying colors.

Apart from being vendors, the guys have the YouTube channel and the website to share their tips in marketing. Their collection of successful products included Affiliate Income Secrets, Affiliate Trax, Review Wizard and so on.

The next part of this Vidyz Review, we will discuss more the specific features.

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Vidyz Review: Outstanding Features Of Maketing Video Platform

  • Video platform specialized to capture leads

Inside Vidyz, the distraction is minimized toZERO level and instead, all factors focus on targeting the audience with programmed watch list. Your traffic won’t be pushed to watch videos from other channels. Vidyz also eliminates the watch later button so your video won’t be thrown in a forgetton list. Lastly, no ads are allowed during and after the video is played.

  • Audience analysis with stats and charts

Vidyz offers the tracking details to review your video performance and analyze the audience. The stats are resetted montly at the dashboard to make sure you access the most update ones. You will be able to track the view counts (total and unique), play counts, time play, etc.

  • Geotargeting with Vidyz

Apart from normal stats, it includes tracking the location of audience, where they come from and which device or browser they use. The information is a good way for you to target the audience with IP, especially the local businesses.

  • GIF creation and modification

Vidyz allows users to create GIF directly from its platforms with the videos. Moreover, users can place the GIF as video thumbnail or download it and use later. The GIF manager is a clear dashboard in which you can see which one to create, view, use and delete.

  • CTA attached to increase the purchase incentives

The CTA can be added inside or after the video to remind your customer to buy or convert. Besides, you are totally able to insert the clickable links to add your landing page or affiliate links. Instead of distrating, the post-view elements convince your audience to act instantly.

  • Control and consume your videos at the fullest

The functions also include the ability to play videos automatically or redirect the viewers to anywhere. With any video posted on Vidyz, marketers can embed it on any page builder or browser. The platform itself can be used with an available SEO friendly site.

  • Mobile friendly for both uploader and viewer

One of the factors making it the product of 4.0 era marketing is mobile friendly. Users can upload and edit their campaign directly from their mobile immediately to catch the trend and go viral. The publishing process is speedy and optimized as fast as possible.

  • Keep all your traffic without leaking

There is no external link hidden in your video. You will get the all benefit from all traffic you drive, improving your conversion and bounce rate.

  • Poweful platform hosting video with no limit

Vidyz has the ability to host unlimited videos without crashing. However, you will need to buy the upgrade package. In the basic version, you can upload 10 videos as maximum simultaaneously.

How to use Vidyz

Vidyz works similarly like YouTube so you won’t have much trouble in getting used to it.

Check out the quick how-to in my Vidyz Review below:

Step 1: Log in the member area with your account.

Step 2: Upload your video from hard disk or record and upload, design a bit with built-in tools.

Step 3: Embed the video in your page and see your money rolls up.

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Who should use Vidyz?

It’s quite clear that this platform is built for markter to leverage every lead they get. Therefore, in my Vidyz Review, I think it’s be a must-have for affiliate marketers. In summary, Vidyz is a good choice for:

  • Affiliate marketer
  • MMO
  • Digital marketers
  • Vloggers
  • Local business owners
  • CPA

Price and Evaluation

The packages of Vidyz are quite simple to choose. The vendors don’t try to take all your money with sales funnel. In general, I think you will be reluctant when moving from Youtube, a free base to Vidyz, a charged one. However, the price isn’t so high, and with many features for marketing, I believe it’s a reasonable price.

  • Front-End: $37-$47

All features above except for 10 video limited, GIF creation and the Vidyz lower third.

  • OTO 1: $67-$97
    • Remove the branded on video
    • Able to designt the lower third
    • Turn on the GIF management and creation
  • OTO 2: Enterprise $47 monthly, $197 yearly and $395 as one time
    • Provide the developer rights with unlimited videos
    • High speed servers and CDN

In summary,

In conclusion, I think it’s an optimized product for online marketers to use their videos. We all understnad how hard it is to drive traffic and generate leads these days, so it’s great to ahve a solution for you to eat up what you harvest. By minimizing the distraction and push audience to focus on your videos, Vidyz will improve your conversion considerably.

Finally, thank for checking my Vidyz Review. Let me know what you think about it! Bye!

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