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  • Friendly to users, easy to use.
  • Content update and spin.
  • Easy tagging system.
  • Get viral content from YouTube.
  • Powerful slider for featured images and videos.
  • No hosting and domain.


  • Price goes up steadily.
  • The sites are built on ViralSiteXpress domain.

The Internet is leveled up like storming, which opens thousands of opportunities for everyone to earn real cash without walking from home. But one study recently found out 90% of online entrepreneurs failed within the first four months.

Don’t worry because my ViralSiteXpress Review will help you go through it.

If you just start your online career and don’t want to invest big bucks, or you already know the way in and out and just want another passive income stream, this product can meet your expectation. ViralSiteXpress will be a virtual assistant help you monetize by building viral sites without not much manual work. The content is pulled, the built-in tools are activated and your system is ready to launch!ViralSiteXpress Review

ViralSiteXpress Quick Overview

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What is ViralSiteXpress?

ViralSiteXpress is a totally cloud-based platform which will host your sites. Within this system, users will choose from the layout templates to create their viral news sites and pull content from hundreds of sources (both international and local) in multiple niches. With the traffic driven from the social media, you can turn your site into another Buzzfeed and start to make money with Google Adsense, Taboola, Outbrain, etc.

You may be doubting it as a perfect tool? My ViralSiteXpress Review will help you understand more about its in both good and bad sites now!

Who is the developer of ViralSiteXpress?

ViralSiteXpress is new software by Seun Ogundele. Originating as a software developer, he has an IT background which is the guaranteeing seal for his products. Seun has created many digital for online marketing such as FBEngagr, Shoplez, Insta Agency and so on.

As I’ve known, he plans for some new upcoming products this year. After this ViralSiteXpress Review, I will keep you posted with these cool things.

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ViralSiteXpress Review: Important Features and Benefits

  • Automate to build SEO and viral news site


The main feature of ViralSiteXpress is it will help you build complete viral news sites with SEO, content pulling, social traffic and 24/7 running. The sites run largely on autopilot to generate the passive income stream with minimizing manual tasks.

  • Quickly create the site from 20 templates

The builder of ViralSiteXpress helps you create a site with one click after choosing the templates. The templates offered are layout page for news site such as magazine, news feed, and so on, giving the professional and friendly look for your sites.

  • Manage sites in one dashboard

ViralSiteXpress Software

Owners can create, edit or delete the elements in their sites conveniently directly from the main dashboard of ViralSiteXpress. The interface is easy and WP-like for you to arrange the pages, categories, subcategories and posts.

  •  One-place ad manager

In its tab, users have full control of how the ads run and display. Not only the appearance, ViralSiteXpress also gives users the ability to manage all the ad codes within its dashboard. With more than 20 ad sections integrated, it’s much easier for you to coordinate and manage your ads.

  • Unlimited monetizing partners

ViralSiteXpress jv

Apart from the big boss Google Adsense, you can make money with ad placement from other sources like Amazon, Warrior Plus, ClickBank, eBay, Taboola, Outbrain, etc. The more platforms you can connect, you get higher chance to get big bucks.

  • Content management

The content management includes content pulling from different sources, the ability to curate the other’s content to have a high unique percentage, content search based on keywords, and the content picking to filter the most viral posts.

  • 600 + sources to fetch news

ViralSiteXpress login

The news sources supported by ViralSiteXpress has reached the number of more than 600 top news websites all over the world. The variety of news ranges in multiple niches, suitable for different types of leads. The news can be international or geographical only.

  • Social media pulling in

By integrating and syncing your account in the system, you can share and post the link to your FB accounts directly. ViralSiteXpress allows users to share with FB pages, personal accounts, groups and even the messages.

  • List building support

ViralSiteXpress Proof

Inside ViralSiteXpress, you can integrate the autoresponder along with other accounts. Accordingly, you can use it to collect the emails and the leads to build your lists.

  • Responsive on different devices

ViralSiteXpress provides the fully responsive versions for desktop, mobile and tablet to aim at every lead you get. Your sites are optimized in multiple devices for smooth operation.

  • Increase engagement from leads

Your audience can leave comments or rating for the posts. This feature helps you improve the engagement considerably while maintaining the basic website as a news site. Many other sites have to switch into quizzes or game to encourage audience interacting back.

How to use ViralSiteXpress?

Honestly, you will have the training part (tutorial video) and the supporting desk (ticket system) inside this product so I think there’s no complicated issue. Let’s have a quick look at the summary in my ViralSiteXpress Review below:

  • Step 1: Sign in and sync your accounts

How to use ViralSiteXpress - Step 1

  • Step 2: Create the website from the templates offered

How to use ViralSiteXpress - Step 2

  • Step 3: Choose the content source, topic for your sites

How to use ViralSiteXpress - Step 3

  • Step 4: Launch your site and start sharing the news to make money

Watch ViralSiteXpress Demo Video below:

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Who should use ViralSiteXpress?

Who should use ViralSiteXpress

Except for organic traffic coming from search result, your traffic will come mostly from social share. Therefore, to have more money, you have to get more traffic, ultimately, you have to build a strong FB fanpage. For this reason, my ViralSiteXpress Review will recommend this product to:

  • Social media marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Website marketers
  • MMO
  • and so on

Price and Evaluation

The front-end version of ViralSiteXpress is only $22, which is a lower price than usual for a digital software. Building your site at ViralSiteXpress domain means you won’t have the .com site but with my experience, it’s not a big problem. Therefore, I suggest you try it soon to get the lower price. During the launch week, the price will go up to $50.

To make it clearer, you can check out the information about the upgrade packages below:

– 3 websites and templates

– 100 content sources

– Subdomain functionally

– Unlimited sites

– Domain whitelable

– 10 templates

– 500 additional content sources

– Unlimited bandwidth

– 20 premium templates

– Generate free unlimited traffic from 15 social media websites

– 10 DFY sites

– Form and AR integration

– Free monetization webinar

– 100 reseller licenses to ViralSiteXpress

My Final Thought,

There are still some other features I haven’t listed in this ViralSiteXpress Review and you can explore yourself in the software. In conclusion, I find it acceptable and useful in creating viral sites to earn cash with ad placement. Hope it could bring you the best result as desired!

ViralSiteXpress – Special Launch

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