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YouTargetr Review






Easy To Use







  • No video creation needed.
  • Can work in any niche.
  • Filter on the searching result page.


  • You need to upgrade Pro version to access the advanced features.
  • The FE version has the Extract Monetized Videos and Target List features only.

Welcome to my YouTargetr Review!

If you once praised Google Ads was great, now I’m sure you will say YouTube Ads is marvelous. As the second largest searching platforms in all forms, it has millions of active channels and newly created users every day and keeps growing.

How can you ignore this crowded fish tank to set the hook? Your ads can potentially receive more clicks, higher quality, and more conversion. A video itself is bait for traffic and viewers. A suitable ad can leverage this goldmine when placing at the right video.

Introducing YouTargetr!

You will know where to put your ads, which video to land on, and which channel to cooperate with. All the invaluable information can be found in only one system.

YouTargetr Review

YouTargetr Overview

Creator Victory Akpos et al
Launch Date2018-Dec-18
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Official websiteClick here
Front-End Price$32
BonusYES, My YouTargetr Bonus
SkillAll level
Refund30-day money back guarantee
Support Friendly & Effective
RecommendHighly recommend

What is It?

YouTargetr is an online cloud-based system about video marketing. This product helps you optimize the way you put and create ads on YouTube, leverage 30 million views each day. This tool helps you reduce the time searching the profitable and high-ranking on YouTube, and also decrease the money spent paying ads to drive traffic.

In particular, YouTargetr can hunt for the most profitable videos to put your ads on with a given keyword. With a similar function, it can find a list of monetized and non-monetized channels to contact and leverage. More technically, the system will measure the video ranking to get the most suitable videos, therefore, you can approach the most potential audience.

In a short word, you can find that, here, in my YouTargetr Review, is the bridge between Google Ads and YouTube.

The Creator

Victory Akpos

The creator behind this product is Victory Akpos, along with Michael Agene. With their long-term experience in IM, they decided to create a system to take advantage of the no-ending and increasing traffic flow of YouTube.

With the first goal was to help local business, YouTargetr was built with more features turning it into a YouTube-specialized tool to set ads on Google Display Network. Finally, with the pre-launch version, it received many favorable feedbacks.

Now let’s continue to explore its amazing features below in my YouTargetr Review.

Remarkable Features Inside YouTargetr

  • 100% cloud-based and easy-to-use interface with training included

The first impression of this software should be the nice and neat dashboard on the main domain with 24/7 access. You can start and prepare for your campaign at any time. Moreover, the tutorial is always available in the system with videos in details about the main features.

  • Extract monetized videos

The first and foremost feature of this product is the ability to find unlimited videos after you enter your desired keywords. The system will instantly find the suitable videos with the top views, likes, comments and shares so you can know all your options to put your ads on. Users can see the information about the videos right at the search result without clicking one by one into one of them.

  • Find monetized channels

YouTargetr can search for the channels as well. With also the keyword you enter, the system will return with the list of the monetized and non-monetized channels. With the monetized ones, you can put ads on their videos, leveraging the traffic and the rankings of the videos, ignoring the non-monetized ones.

  • Keyword Research

You can use YouTargetr as a partial SEO tool with this feature. It will help you find the related keywords in your niche and figure out which ones have the high potential to grow and are worth for SEO.

  • Video Rank Checker

There is a separate feature for checking the rankings of the videos in YouTargetr. With each keyword entered, each niche chosen and each place identified, you have the full insight on the ranks of the videos. The most uses of this feature is you can powerfully use it for the geographical targeting.

  • Filter the result and export the video list

To make you access more closely to your consumers, the search result can be filtered depending on the factors you choose, for example, the recent date. After that, the video can be exported into URL list to input in your campaigns later.

How To Use YouTargetr

The sale page is showing the short YouTargetr demo video for FE version. Furthermore, you can check the walkthrough part in the product itself.

If you have more question, feel free to ask me by leaving the comment below.

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Who Should Use It?

With the information in my YouTargetr Review about its features, you can realize this is a great tool for affiliate marketers to leverage on video content and promote the product to get the commission. Moreover, it will be a great tool for marketers to have this product and place your ads at the right places.

Don’t worry about the training because you always have the walkthrough part inside the system.

Price and Evaluation

The front-end version is priced with $32 with the 2 main features I mentioned. The Pro version will cost you $37 for all main features and more advanced filter to reach your most potential clients. Though it is $10 more, I think it’s still an affordable price.

You will always be welcomed to consider the OTO with main details as follows:

OTO2: Citizen Agency Internet Site and local ads educating ($47)

OTO3: DFY Video Clip Pack ($37)

OTO4: YouTargetr Reseller Bundle ($197)

To sum up,

YouTube is a great platform for video marketing. With this product, I personally think the Pro version will be the best choice for marketer to set up the marketing with most benefit possible from video marketing. Many thanks that you read my YouTargetr Review until the end. Hope you can harvest the most useful information about it.

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