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ZeroTo10K Review






Easy To Use







  • High-quality videos and plugin.
  • Real knowledge and proven methods to apply in multiple niches.
  • Low price for one-time payment.


  • The opinions may conflict among different experts.

Since affiliate marketing emerged and became one of the best methods to make money online, there have been so many people flocking into this niche. They pick a product, build a sales funnel, buy an email list and send tons of emails with the hope to make as much commission as possible.

But is it really affiliate marketing?

Understanding first steps are never easy, many experts have shared their experiences to help the beginners joining the new game. In this ZeroTo10K Review, you receive the shares from top 30 affiliate marketers on IM. They are all the familiar names you envy or admire on the leaderboards.

Let’s explore this new product!

ZeroTo10K Review

Quick Overview of ZeroTo10K

Creator Ankur Shukla
Launch Date2019-Jan-04
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Official websiteClick here
Front-End Price$17
BonusYES, My ZeroTo10K Premium Bonus below
SkillAll level
Refund30-day money back guarantee
Support Friendly & Effective
RecommendHighly recommend

What is ZeroTo10K about?

ZeroTo10K is the combination of 2 parts: the video training and the software. With the videos, you get the videos with shares from the experts what they would do to make 10 grands from nothing. Dr. Sameer Joshi has interviewed the famous affiliate marketers when meeting them in some events and asked them about their survival hacks in this niche.

The experts come out with tips in their own expertise like:

  • Social media
  • Organic and paid traffic
  • Building sales funnel
  • List building
  • Email writing for following up

Next, users get a new WordPress plugin to build high authority review sites. This is the Review Raptor plugin. This tool helps you leverage the well-written reviews and public the posts at once or gradually at your page. Moreover, it remains a close link to the affiliate platforms to generate your own commission.

In my ZeroTo10K Review, I believe this 2-in-1 combo is a good starting kit for new affiliate marketer by building review sites.

The Author


This is a product by Ankur Shukla and Dr. Sameer Joshi. Dr. Sameer Joshi is the main man who tried to interview the top stars in affiliate marketing and collect their experience into the videos in ZeroTo10K. He has managed to get them to talk and reveal the tips so you can avoid the mistakes they fall.

Ankur Shukla is a frequent launcher with many products such as WP Coursify, WP Content Machine, 1-Click Video Site Builder, … The products he promoted were praised for the real result they convert .With many WP-related tools,  Review Raptor is one of his killing software for review sites.

Benefits From ZeroTo10K

ZeroTo10K Videos

  • Downloadable videos in high quality

ZeroTo10K’s main content is the videos with the interview with the well-known names on the leaderboards such as Cindy Donovan, Todd Gross, Brendan Mace, Cyril Gupta, … The quality of the sound is OK so you can take clearly their voice.

Moreover, these videos are downloadable into your hard disk. By that way, even without the Internet connection, you can have your videos ready.

  • Focused and useful videos with real use

Unlike the normal videos in training course, the videos in ZeroTo10K focus on the current situation of affiliate marketing and tell you how to apply the methods with real use. You won’t waste times for overview or theory videos. What is said is what you can apply directly and instantly.

However, vice versa, this product requires you have the basic knowledge at least. If you are totally newbie with no understanding of this niche, I still advise you take a warm-up course first.

  • Wide ranges of experiences from multiple gurus in multiple areas

As said above in my ZeroTo10K Review, top 30 affiliate marketers will share with you their own strategies. And each of them will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you can learn from them in with multiple knowledge areas. For example, with traffic only, you can learn how to drive traffic from social media, from Twitter from Cindy Donovan, free traffic from Todd Gross, …

  • Proven and tested strategies

This product is carried out with the main question to the interviewees: what you would do to make 10K from ZERO. And because they all went through the struggling times of newcomers, they knew the mistake and came up with their own practical methods.

Therefore, these methods are all proven to generate real results and with the warning of fool-proof.

ReviewRaptor plugin

  • Quickly import the well-written review in drip feed or at once

ReviewRaptor is a powerful WP plugin which will leverage the professional review articles. The tool works on autopilot. By just 1 click, ReviewRaptor helps you build a high authority review site.

Users can set up the number of articles to be imported per day. You can choose to import 1,5 or 10 review posts in your sites.

  • Automate to populates the site owner’s affiliate links

ReviewRaptor automates to fill in your own affiliate links in the article to generate your commission. The 2 available platforms are JVZoo and ClickBank. Users only need to complete the settings, provide their ID then afterward, the affiliate links are inserted in the review posts without manual hard work.

  • Categorize the reviews and the post status

Each review available, users can choose to set it as “published” or “draft”. Inside the setup dashboard of the plugin, you also can put the article in a specific category.

How To Use It?

I believe the videos of the interviews will give you no trouble. After downloading them, just learn from the real experience of the experts. With the ReviewRaptor plugin, you can check out the demo video at the below link:

Visit Official Website & Get Premium Bonus Package Below

Who Should Use It?

After the ZeroTo10K Review, I think this is a worth-buying kit for all affiliate marketers. However, as I mentioned above, this is not a detailed training course from the first steps, I won’t recommend it to totally rookies. Except for that, ZeroTo10K can be the solution for your everyone who wishes to make more commission by building review sites.

Price and Evaluation

The current price is $17 and you will get both the video bundle and the ReviewRaptor plugin. This is an intelligent idea when you first get the tips and tricks from the experts and then you can build your review sites to land the visitors. I guess all of you already have the website on your own, so the plugin will help you improve its performance.

Moreover, there are 4 OTOs you can consider to upgrade. You can get the full information on the sales page.

The Conclusion,

In short, this combo is worth not only for me but also the affiliates who want to boost their commission. There is not a clear and fixed structure of the videos in this package but you will get the knowledge from various perspectives to improve your own sales.

And lastly, that’s all I wanna share in this ZeroTo10K Review. Thanks for checking in and let me know your comment down below.

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